Seesaw Coffee Chaoyang Joycity, China by nota

A floating garden surrounded by mist and spray

Project Specs


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Seesaw Coffee朝阳大悦城店位于商场书店层,空间作为生活馆片区规划的一部分,既相对独立又必须融入书店室内设计、符合其材料与调性上延续性的要求。

Seesaw Coffee is located in a Bookstore on the top level of the mall Chaoyang Joycity in Beijing. Being part of the life-style shop it wants to be independent yet fully merged into the general space, both in terms of materiality and ambience.

▼项目概览,project overview



The site is surrounded by interior landscape and a glass curtain wall facing the outdoor terrace, and it’s pre-defined by multiple stepped platforms accessible from one single path. In response to the context, the design features an imagery of “Plank Path – Water Surface – Floating Hut – Ship Deck Garden” by making use of the existing floor height difference creating a sunken plaza.

▼空间秩序:栈道-下沉水面-水上小屋-船中露天甲板庭园,spatial sequence: Plank Path – Water Surface – Floating Hut – Ship Deck Garden

▼水上小屋映射了环境,既隐匿于其中又独立存在,the Floating Hut reflects its surroundings, while being simultaneously concealed and detached

▼烟波浩渺环绕的场地空间,a mist-covered space

▼咖啡师与顾客产生双向互动,the barista and the clients can interact with each other thanks to the open-plan layout

▼小屋室内外空间,exterior and interior of the Floating Hut


Stepping down from the bookstore onto the plank path, views of seating area is unveiled and displayed as one moves on. Passing by the coffee bar and sales display, one enters the seating area as if walking from the path into water, and then onto the sunken deck. The ship deck feels like casual outdoor step seating. Blocks of wood and planters customized at high and low levels form altogether an outdoor garden, which coincides with the surrounding landscape while offering different options to take over the space. Sizes and rhythms are carefully considered to encourage uses of multiple target groups and social scenarios regarding comfort and a sense of security.

▼高低错落的木块与绿植的组合构成户外花园,blocks of wood and planters customized at high and low levels form altogether an outdoor garden

▼客人在不同角落找到各自舒服的位置,the clients find their way engaging with the space

▼木块座区细部,wooden block area detailed view


The main volume invites you to look to the skyline outside, and rest save the views to the interior and in-between. Customized lamps scatter through the shop as either landscape lighting or table lamp, become beacons of the overall sequence of the space.

▼特别定制的照明小灯点缀在整个空间,customized lamps scatter through the shop as either landscape lighting or table lamp



项目名称:Seesaw Coffee朝阳大悦城
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年
客户:Seesaw Coffee
主要室内材料:实木、碳化木、水磨石、不锈钢 主要景观材料:实木
1. 上海此起景观工程有限公司+碳化木
2. 媛艺+水磨石
3. 3M+3M贴膜
4. 杜邦+可丽耐
外围书店楼层景观设计:CN Flower 凌宗涌

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