Second Collage the Shop by Studio David Thulstrup

Reforming a luxury store from a former pharmacy with historic details

Project Specs


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本项目是设计师David Thulstrup为Collage the Shop买手店设计的第二家店铺。为迎接多个奢侈品牌的入驻,本店铺沿用了第一家店铺的几何元素设计和极简风格,同时也根据自身特点进行了一些改良:为配饰提供更多的展示空间,并且回应了原有空间的古典装饰。该店铺位于Aarhus,主要销售女鞋、手袋、小型皮具等饰品以及少量服装。两家店铺的设计理念类似,都是为个性十足的品牌配饰打造一个中性的背景。

David Thulstrup has designed the second store for Collage the Shop, this time a multi-brand luxury women’s store, using the same strong geometry and minimalist aesthetic but adjusting it to showcase accessories and complement the historic space’s decorative features. Located in Aarhus, the second Collage the Shop, primarily sells accessories such as women’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods with a small range of clothing. The concept of both Collage stores is to create a distinctive but almost neutral backdrop that allows brands with strong individual identities to take center stage.


工作室创始人兼创意总监David Thulstrup表示:“第二家店铺的设计风格要与Illum商场里的第一家店铺相呼应,包括选用同样的喷砂铝材质的展示架和定制沙发,而本店铺特有的弯曲墙体以及沙发的仿羊皮布料则使整体风格更加温和。”

“I wanted to create a mood that echoes the first store in Illum in Copenhagen with architectural shelving and metal fixtures like the custom-made sofas in sandblasted aluminum but soften it with curved walls and bouclé fabric on the sofa,” says David Thulstrup, creative director and founder of the Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup.

▼喷砂铝材质的展示架和定制沙发,architectural shelving and the custom-made sofas in sandblasted aluminum

▼弯曲墙体以及沙发的仿羊皮布料则使整体风格更加温和,curved walls and bouclé fabric on the sofa soften the overall style

▼沙发的仿羊皮布料,bouclé fabric on the sofa


The front part of the store is in a former pharmacy with large windows and a decorative ceiling painted in brown, blue and gold, while the rear space is more enclosed. “The curved wall has a guiding purpose creating a sense of a walk through the store. Long tracks of LED lighting also visually connect the two quite different spaces,” says Thulstrup. As with the Illum store, large boxy shelves envelop most of the structural columns and form part of the display counter, and the walls are covered with Steni façade panels, this time with smaller scale pebble aggregates. The powder-coated high gloss blue metal shelves and a light blue polyurethane floor pick up a color in the ceiling and contrast with the muted earthy tones of the woolen rug, clay rendered walls and the Steni panels.

▼被漆成棕色、蓝色和金色的古典风格天花板,a decorative ceiling painted in brown, blue and gold

▼长轨的LED照明灯将两个完全不同的空间在视觉上连接起来,Long tracks of LED lighting also visually connect the two quite different spaces

▼两个结构柱之间摆放水平架子形成独特的展示柜,large boxy shelves envelop the structural columns and form the display counter

▼被漆成蓝色的金属展示架、浅蓝色的聚氨酯地板、黏土色的墙面,the powder-coated high gloss blue metal shelves, a light blue polyurethane floor, and clay rendered walls


The overall aesthetic is minimalist but the two sofas facing each other under the decorative ceiling make a large and comfortable space in the center of the store for trying on shoes or simply lingering. Large mirrors leaning against the wall add to the relaxed customer experience. “I wanted to create a welcoming environment so customers would sit down and spend some time in the store,” says Thulstrup.

▼试穿区,try-on area

Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Client: Group 88
Purpose: Create 175-Sqm Multi-Brand Women’s Accessories And Clothing Store, Collage The Shop, Within A Former Pharmacy With Historic Details
Opening: Date November 2018
Architect: David Thulstrup
Photographer: Irina Boersma

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