RI HOUSE, Barcelona by Francesc Rifé Studio

Syntax of a contemporary art gallery and the language of a home

Project Specs


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本项目为线上家居品牌RI HOUSE的实体展厅,位于西班牙巴塞罗那Turó公园前,由Francesc Rifé Studio事务所设计。项目的核心设计理念旨在寻求生活中的复杂与简单之美间的平衡,以空间的方式为RI HOUSE家居品牌赋予全新的解读。整个作品充满了理性之美,没有多余的元素,也没有任何装饰,使人们的注意力全部聚焦于产品选购以及全新的空间上面。

In between the complexity and simplicity of a life dedicated to design, RI HOUSE is born as a new way of reading the work of Francesc Rifé and his team through product design. Rational pieces, without excesses nor ornaments, all gathered together in the new online store RIHOUSE.SHOP and a new space in front of Turó Park (Barcelona, Spain).

▼店铺外观,exterior view © Javier Márquez

▼由室外看店内空间,viewing the interior from outside © Javier Márquez


With a ground floor as a preface, both spontaneous and experimental, and a more discreet and intimate basement, we take the syntax of a contemporary art gallery and the language of a home to display a careful and curated selection of designs created for renowned brands, both national and international.

▼一层空间的左侧为通往地下室的楼梯入口,墙面上装饰有品牌logo,On the left side of the ground floor is the entrance of the staircase leading to the basement, which is decorated with the brand logo © Javier Márquez

▼一层空间的右侧为展览空间,showroom area on the right of the ground floor © Javier Márquez

▼由一层看向街道,viewing the street from interior © Javier Márquez

viewing the street at the entrance of the staircase © Javier Márquez


the metal staircase leading to the basement © Javier Márquez

Visual silence defines the space’s background. With the use of few materials, conscious details and sober white surfaces, furniture pieces come into focus quickly. Five semi-circular arches of manual brick are discovered on floor -1, and through a neutral intervention we adapt to its forms instead of imposing ourselves.

▼地下室空间概览,overall of the basement © Javier Márquez

viewing the stainless steel kitchen at the end of the space © Javier Márquez

▼砖石砌筑的拱门,arches of masonry © Javier Márquez

▼厨房空间内的展示壁龛,Display niches in the kitchen © Javier Márquez

在本项目中,Francesc Rifé Studio事务所与bulthaup Sant Cugat品牌合作,将德国品牌b3系列的不锈钢整体厨房整合到了地下空间中。与任何住宅一样,空间的布局定义出这个场所的功能,即,为专业人士提供一个举办小型烹饪活动与聚会交流的地方。

In collaboration with bulthaup Sant Cugat, the German brand’s b3 system stainless-steel kitchen is integrated into the project. As in any house, this space seeks to define the functioning of the place: designed to host small culinary events and dialogues between professionals.

▼不锈钢厨房设备,stainless-steel kitchen © Javier Márquez

▼餐厅内的壁橱,closet in the dining room © Javier Márquez

▼餐厅,dining area © Javier Márquez

▼砖石拱门细部,detail of the brick arch © Javier Márquez

此外,Francesc Rifé Studio事务所还致力于与那些对设计提出问题并推动变革的新兴艺术家建立联系。为此,设计师在本项目中推动了一个颇具雄心的伙伴计划,旨在于RI HOUSE的店铺空间中推广一系列艺术家与手工艺者的作品。目前,陶艺家Glòria Carrillo (Pols ceramics)的作品,摄影师Javier Márquez的“简介之美”系列摄影作品,以及设计师Claudia Girbau的Pinasaan品牌金属花瓶“Tubinos”都已在陆续出现在了实体展厅与RI HOUSE品牌网站上。

▼通往二层空间的楼梯,staircase leading to the upper floor © Javier Márquez

▼二层空间概览,overall of the upper floor © Javier Márquez

▼休息室入口,entrance to the lounge © Javier Márquez

▼休息室,lounge © Javier Márquez

We also want to build bridges with emerging artists who are raising questions in design and promoting change. Through a vigorous partner program, RI HOUSE will promote the work and objects of artists and artisans. Currently, throughout both showroom and website, one can discover the works of ceramist Glòria Carrillo (Pols Ceramic), “The Beautiful Simplicity” series by photographer Javier Márquez and metallic vases “Tubinos” by designer Claudia Girbau with her brand Pinasaan.

▼Claudia Girbau设计的金属花瓶”Tubinos”,
metallic vases “Tubinos” by designer Claudia Girbau © Javier Márquez

▼Glòria Carrillo的陶艺作品,
works of ceramist Glòria Carrillo (Pols Ceramic) © Javier Márquez

▼Javier Márquez的“简洁之美”的摄影作品,
“The Beautiful Simplicity” series by photographer Javier Márquez © Javier Márquez

▼一层展台细部,detail of the ground floor display area © Javier Márquez

Photos by Javier Márquez
Francesc Rifé Studio

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