Mazha Lighting System 3.0 by Mario Tsai

A modular extension of a lighting installation

Project Specs


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顾名思义,马扎灯的设计源自中国传统坐具“马扎”带来的结构启发。它恰到好处地和设计师想要创造一款可无限延伸的灯具的想法相契合。由此激发了不同可以适配各种体量空间的灯具系列。 可以无限延伸的组合形态基于突破常规的电路及结构设计。电线被巧妙地隐藏进灯具的悬吊丝线中,基于系统以12V 的安全电压供电,整个灯具系统的裸露的金属零件也被设计成了电路的一部分,由此构成了一个内在复杂但外观简洁的模块化结构系统。


Mazha Lighting System was inspired by the structure of the traditional Chinese ‘Mazha’ seat‘ coupled with the designer’s wish to create a modular extension of a lighting installation. This inspired different lighting systems that fit a variety of spaces . The combination form that can be extended indefinitely is based on breaking the conventional circuit and structure design. The wires are subtly hidden into the hanging thread of the lighting system. Based on the system’s 12V safe voltage supply, the exposed metal parts of the lighting system are also designed as part of the circuit, thus forming a modular structure system that is inherently complex but simple in appearance.

▼灯具外观,appearance of the lighting system ©蔡烈超

▼可以无限延伸的灯具模块,a modular extension of a lighting installation ©蔡烈超

另一方面,在此次设计是设计师可持续的设计理念的进一步探索实践。细看产品的各个零部件会发现,设计师并没 有丝毫隐藏结构的意图,每一个零部件都是极精细而独立的存在。这样做的好处在于,当产品某个部件出了问题而需要 更换的时候,它只需替换症结点,而不必替换掉整个产品。

On the other hand, this design is a further exploration of the designer’s sustainable design concept. A closer look at the various components of the product reveals that the designer does not have the intent to hide the structure, and each component is extremely fine and independent. The advantage of this is that when a component of a product is broken and needs to be replaced, it only needs to replace the node without having to replace the entire lighting system.

▼灯具细部,closer view to the light installation ©蔡烈超

▼单独模块拆解,composition of a single light installation ©蔡烈超

wires hidden into the hanging thread ©蔡烈超

▼部件可以单独替换,different components can be replaced separately ©蔡烈超


The inspiration for Mazha  3.0 comes from the permutation of molecules. The multi-dimensional structure is the structural basis of the 3.0 system extension system. In the idealized triangular molecular structure, the three atoms are bonded to the same atom, and the bond angle is 120 degrees, thereby forming a 3.0-type basic connection with a strong recognizable “人” shape.

▼分子般的排列结构,structure inspired by the permutation of molecules ©许晓东

▼“人”字形连接件,”人” shape connection ©蔡烈超


The “人”-shaped connecting pieces can be connected each other on a plane while overlapping. By vertically stacking the unit, a three-dimensional lamp system is constructed.Users can plan according to their needs and create shape of lighting that match their own space atmosphere and scale.M 3.0 system is more diversified in terms of use. Pendant lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps can all be realized, and can also meet the functional requirements of construction space and separation space.

▼灯具也可以垂直摆放,the light could also be placed vertically ©上:蔡烈超,下:许晓东

▼不同角度看向连接件,view to the connections from different angles ©上:许晓东,下:蔡烈超

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