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位于朝阳区的三里屯是北京最具个性与魅力的风尚地标。相比南区,北区的整体气氛内敛奢华,呈现出大都会的优雅包容气质。RESTAURANT y 的设计概念是城市休闲餐厅和休息空间。大面积的无色彩材料,如灰色涂料,白色不锈钢,营造出低调沉稳的时尚风格。温润的木色与暖灯光为空间提供了舒适、愉悦的就餐空间。露台的黑色石材地面与带有舒适面料的实木家具的结合则展现出放松、惬意的氛围。

Sanlitun is Beijing’s most personalized and attractive landmark located in Chaoyang District. Compared to the Southern District, the atmosphere of the North restrains luxury, showing the elegance and inclusiveness of the city. The design concept of RESTAURANT y is urban retreat restaurant and lounge. Large areas of achromatic color materials, such as gray paint and white stainless steel, were used to create a low-key calm fashion style. In addition to warm wood, the lighting produce the comfortable and pleasant dining space.

▼ 舒适愉悦的餐厅氛围,a low-key calm fashion style of the dining space


For many high-end Western restaurants, the ground and the walls usually use marble materials, however, too much marble could give customers a very formal and constraining feeling. In order to create a relaxed dining atmosphere, mosaic tiles and irregular parquet patterns are used to build young and unique dining experience.

▼ 马赛克瓷砖带来不受拘束的体验, mosaic tiles create a relaxing atmosphere


Half of the dining area is indoor and the other half is terrace. The west side of the indoor has a long multi-functional bar for the open kitchen, meanwhile there is a coffee & bar which is paralleled with a glass curtain wall in the east side. Stainless steel material integrates with the surrounding. The food, wine bottle and kitchen ware displays on the simple but not cold stainless steel suspended shelf allow customers and the restaurant to have unconscious communication. Customers could watch the chefs working professionally in the kitchen that has a wall covered with small hexagonal ceramic tiles. To some extent, it is also a great dining experience to see this.

▼不锈钢材质的吧台,the bar counter in stainless steel material


Between the interior and the terrace, there are many glass doors with the art of enlarged slicing which brings customers different sensory experience. Into the garden terrace with plants and flowers, customers could see a flower pond that could be used both as the dining table and seats. A variety of natural black stones are used in the ground. The combination of the stone floor with solid wood furniture covered by comfortable fabrics shows a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. A 62cm-high table with 39cm-high soft leather leisure sofas were designed for lying and enjoying the comfortable for a long time.

▼花园露台,the garden terrace

▼静谧的用餐氛围,the dinging space



项目管理:概念设计 方案设计 施工图设计 现场管理
设计团队:冈本庆三 出口勉 张云飞
平面设计:松本 夏子
摄影:锐景摄影(广松美佐江 宋昱明)

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