Aviapolis Urban Blocks by Mandaworks+MASSLAB

A new vibrant and resilient city connected to the world

Project Specs


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The team of MANDAWORKS and MASSLAB are now officially announced winners of the open international competition organized by the city of Vantaa for the Aviapolis Urban Blocks district in Vantaa, Finland. The Jury awarded the proposal, “Where the world meets Finland”with a shared first prize.

▼ 方案效果图,the proposal


Aviapolis is a gateway from Finland to the world. 20 million passengers will pass through the bustling Helsinki-Vantaa air-traffic hub in 2020. The airport introduces a rich cultural exchange to Aviapolis and forms a junction where local life meets global flows. There are consequences for this richness, the airport’s air traffic generates a great amount of waste that degrades the local environment. Our proposal for the first development phase of Aviapolis enhances the area’s potential for hosting culture and lifestyle exchange, while addressing the environmental challenges through innovative circular and collective systems. Where the world meets Finland a new vibrant and resilient city district will rise.

▼万塔是芬兰通向世界的枢纽,Aviapolis is a gateway from Finland to the world

▼世界+芬兰=世界与芬兰相遇的地方,World+ Finland=Where the world meets Finland


Aviapolis循环型社区 | The Aviapolis Circular Community

第一阶段开发将成为Aviapolis的试点项目,并且需要强调社区性和循环性。通过构建节约型社区连接世界, 同时联合当地居民,Aviapolis将成为循环经济和共享系统设想的旗舰项目。该系统将通过一系列共享空间结构所支撑,而这些共享空间散布在街区和整个城市公共领域中,共同形成一个融合的社交口袋空间网络,支撑城市的多样性功能与规模的活动。

The first development phase will be a pilot project for the Aviapolis project and requires a strong emphasis on community and circularity. By constructing a resource efficient neighbourhood that is connected to the world and involves local residents, Aviapolis can become a flagship project for circular economy and shared systems thinking. The systems are supported by the structure through collective shared spaces that are found within the blocks and throughout the public realm. Together the spaces form a binding network of social pockets, supporting a variety of functions and scales.

▼循环社区方案效果图,the Aviapolis Circular Community


The largest collective space gives shape to the local neighbourhood centre, while being connected to the circle of interest. The Atomi and surrounding landscape bind together the two sides of the plan through strategically programmed public functions in combination with regenerative circular systems. These circular systems utilise on site potentials to maximise performative landscape systems such as stormwater in filtration, waste water reuse and filtering, biodiversity growth, C02 sequestration capacity, smart energy production, waste management cycles and local small scale production.

▼社区体块示意图,blocks and spaces


从城市网格到社交原子 | From City Grid to Social Atoms

作为当地文脉的延续,Aviapolis将拥有一个高度密集的城市网格系统。设计方案结构将大尺度的平面空间划分为更细致的、具有人体尺度和步行友好的城市街区。在网格方向的冲突区域,保留的现有植被和水体将被形成一个具有吸引力的中央公园,为社区创造最重要的社交空间。在城市网格内,通过改变街区结构、创造社交公共空间,优先步行、骑行和公共交通出行方式。这些社交公共空间作为城市中的“社交原子”,共同创造了一个由建筑和空间组成的网络,支撑Aviapolis的城市“循环“ 活动。

As an extension of the local context, Aviapolis grows into a dense city grid. The structure breaks down the large frame plan into finer grained blocks that are human scaled and walkable. At the clash of grid directions, the existing vegetation and water are preserved and strengthened into an inviting central park structure, creating the neighbourhood’s main social space. Inside the urban grid walking, cycling and public transportation is prioritised by shifting the block structure and creating social rooms in the public realm. These rooms are the ‘social atoms’ of the plan, collectively forming a network of shared built and unbuilt spaces that support ‘circular’ activities throughout Aviapolis.

▼高度密集的城市网格系统,Aviapolis grows into a dense city grid

▼平面空间被划分为细致的城市街区,the large frame plan is broken into finer grained blocks

▼中央公园为社区创造最重要的社交空间,an inviting central park structure will create the neighbourhood’s main social space


建筑多样性 | Building for Diversity

社交原子——共享功能和活动组成的密集网络——将通过一系列工作和居住功能建筑构成。街区鼓励多样性结合建筑高度、类型、配置和不同功能,形成一个有质感、并且居民可自由选择生活方式的居住社区, 高层建筑将提供观赏城市景观的优美视野,而低层建筑将拥有完美的私人花园。街区将为居民提供不同尺度的集体空间——从住宅到街区,从街道到社区:集体厨房、桑拿、天台花园、手工坊、电动自行车中心和自行车咖啡馆、工具出租、洗衣设施、贵宾室、绿色住宅、电动汽车池、电影院、虚拟游戏室、食物花园、3D打印空间、废物回收利用空间、即插即用广场和能量口袋等。街区和空间的比例将确保城市功能的灵活分布,允许空间随着时间的推移而进化和移动。如果在传统芬兰式街区生活的居民都能够体验这种可持续的生活方式,Aviapolis城市街区将提供最大化的城市多样性、促进和支持更广范围的可持续市民爱好和生活方式。

The block offers residents collective spaces at different scales – from house to block, from street to neighbourhood: collective kitchens, sauna’s, roof gardens, maker-spaces, electric bike centers and repair cafés, tool rentals, washing facilities, lounge rooms, green houses, electric car pools, cinema rooms, virtual play rooms, food gardens, 3D printing spaces, waste recycle spaces, plug-and-play squares, and energy pockets. The proportions of the blocks and spaces ensure a flexible distribution of functions, allowing spaces to evolve and move over time. If in the traditional Finnish block everyone experiences similar conditions, the Aviapolis urban block offers maximum diversity, promoting and supporting a wide range of tastes and lifestyles.

▼多样性建筑构成功能灵活的居住社区,diverse typologies provide flexible distribution of functions



地点: 万塔,芬兰
客户: 万塔市
类型: 公开国际竞赛 – 共同一等奖
项目: 城市设计和规划
面积: 240000平方米开发区域(包括1500个住宅),15.6公顷用地
设计: Mandaworks+MASSLAB
图片: Mandaworks+MASSLAB
网址: www.mandaworks.com, www.masslab.pt
Location: Vantaa, Finland
Client: City of Vantaa
Type: Open, International Competition – Shared 1st Prize
Assignment: Urban Design and City Planning
Size: 240.000 m2 built area (incl. 1.500 dwellings), 15,6 Hectares land-area
Architects: Mandaworks + MASSLAB
Images: Mandaworks + MASSLAB
Website: www.mandaworks.com, www.masslab.pt

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