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An oasis shelters from the noise and rumble of the city

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克罗地亚设计工作室Regular Company设计并共同创办了Regular酒吧。酒吧位于Zagreb市中心人流熙攘的British广场,这里以工作日的农贸市场和周日的跳蚤市场而闻名。设计师目的是塑造一个朴素的空间,白天氛围舒适,当地居民和游客都可以在这里享受一杯咖啡或茶,下午这里就变成了一个充满活力的酒吧,音乐动听、令人放松。

Croatian design studio Regular Company has designed and co-founded Regular bar, located at the vibrant British square in the heart of Zagreb, which is famous for its weekdays farmers market and flea market on Sundays. The idea was to create an unpretentious space with an easy vibe during the day where locals and visitors can have a cup of coffee or tea, which in the afternoon transforms into a vibrant bar, with a relaxed atmosphere and good music.

▼酒吧主要空间概览,interior view of one large “room”


The bar is a bit hidden from the main street, located in a small alleyway which makes it a bit of an oasis, shelter from the noise and rumble of the city.
It consists of 3 individual ‘rooms’ and a large terrace.

▼酒吧由3个独立“房间“和一个大露台构成,bar consists of 3 individual ‘rooms’ and a large terrace

Regular Company是位于Zagreb的一家获得过多种奖项的设计工作室,从事于产品、室内、品牌和数字化设计。除了负责内部空间设计之外,工作室也是Regular酒吧的合伙人,他们认为Zagreb缺少一个能够呈现其设计理念的场所,希望将咖啡馆、酒吧、展厅和共享工作空间的复合型空间设计概念引入Zagreb。

Regular Company is a Zagreb based award winning multidisciplinary design studio working within the fields of products, interiors, branding and digital design. Aside from designing the space, the studio is also a co-founder of Regular bar, as they felt Zagreb was missing a space that shares their design philosophy, and wanted to introduce the concept of a space that is a hybrid between a Café, bar, gallery and co-working space to Zagreb.

▼空间不同区域之内彼此连通,connections between 3 individual ‘rooms’ and a large terrace

空间使用温暖自然的色调与材料,精致的黑色细节装饰为内部增加了些许对比和优雅感。设计师希望创造一个没有太多元素的空间,摒弃多余的视觉信息但仍保持其温暖愉悦的特点。空间特色元素由Regular Company设计,也包括当地其它工作室如Grupa的设计和克罗地亚新锐图像艺术家Nikica Jurkovic的艺术作品。

The space is designed with warm and natural tones and materials, with fine black details that give it a bit of contrast and elegance. The goal was to create a space that isn’t filled with too much elements, has no excess of unnecessary visual information, but is still warm and pleasant to be in.The space features products designed by Regular Company, but also other Croatian design studios like Grupa, and artwork from up-and-coming Croatian graphic artist Nikica Jurkovic.

▼空间使用温暖自然的色调与材料,space is designed with warm and natural tones and materials

▼精致的黑色细节装饰增加一点对比和优雅感,fine black details give space a bit of contrast and elegance

▼内部装饰元素与艺术品,decoration details and artworks


It is also imagined as a space for pop-up events from the sphere of art, design, fashion, sort of a gallery and co-working space for young creatives.

▼吧台座位区域,bar seating area

▼灯光、黑色酒架、绿植、木材形成雕塑般的吧台区域,lights, black shelf, plants and wood form sculptural bar area

▼从室外露台回望室内,view back from outdoor terrace to the interior

▼大露台空间,big terrace

Interior design: Regular Company
Photo: Marko Mihaljević
Styling: Hannah Vranko

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