Red House, China by Trim Architecture Group

”Color reconstruction” and “component insertion”

Project Specs


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Park of Peninsula 1919, Shanghai, was formerly Greater China Textile Mill founded by Nie Yuntai, a national capitalist, in 1920s. In 1950s, it was renamed the 8th Textile Mill. Our site was a worker’s dormitory in Linong, a traditional residential lane neighborhood in Shanghai. It is featured with a typical courtyard layout of Linong.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©吴冠中


The renovated building will serve as a private studio providing customized yoga services. New design needs both privacy and high quality. TAG intends to reshape the space while maintaining the original space features of Linong through “color reconstruction” and “component insertion”.



色彩 | Color


TAG selects red and white which are typical colors in India, the birthplace of yoga. The colors in space rendered by light from windows and skylight create quiet and sacred atmosphere of yoga. Walkway, stair and other components are colored in red, provides a sequence of spaces to roam and stay.

▼一层走廊,walk way on the ground floor ©吴冠中


构件 | Component


TAG chooses to insert a series of components instead of changing the existing spatial logic of Linong. A U-shaped walkway is inserted on the first floor. It divides the entrance corridor and Pilates training room. A horizontal long window is placed at the height of 1.4 meters, lower than the sight height, to keep the privacy of Pilates room. The public and private spaces are defined with an open separation. A reception bar and a long couch combined with the U-shaped walkway serve both the entrance and training room.

the entrance corridor and Pilates training room ©吴冠中


The red walkway leads to the staircase. A meditation place is inserted under the staircase. Atmosphere in the space surrounded by red components varies all the time according to changing of natural light.

the staircase and the meditation place ©吴冠中


The yoga training room on the second floor was originally a sloping-roof space with a height of 4.5m. A ceiling combining flat and slope is added with lighting. It preserves characteristics of the original sloping roof, and creates a multi-level and stereo space in approachable and comfortable scale.

▼瑜伽训练室,yoga training room ©吴冠中

▼天花板细节,ceiling view


The design integrates functional spaces, such as restroom and changing room, into one. Light from the north skylight reflected on the texture of the corrugated plate highlights the spatial volume of the cylinder component.

▼更衣室和天窗,change room and skylight

▼平面图,floor plans


设计方:TAG 建筑设计
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020

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