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Displays design that reflect the feeling of space

Project Specs


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在Voo Store室内空间改造项目中,acte tm事务所为店铺设计了可以体现空间氛围的展架。

In the course of redesigning the Voo Store and its interior, acte tm was commissioned to design special displays that reflect the feeling of space.

▼VooStore买手店概览,store overview ©acte tm

由玻璃和镜子组成平滑的方形体块是acte tm事务所常用的典型设计语言。在此基础上,设计师打造了雕塑般的展柜框架,突显Voo Store工业风的同时,保留了空间原本的开放氛围。

In a sleek composition of square profiles, glass and mirrors, which is typical for the design language of acte tm, the designers created sculpture-like desk frames to highlight the industrial feeling of Voo Store. At the same time it does not seem to interrupt the open space feeling.

the desk highlight the industrial feeling of Voo Store ©acte tm

▼玻璃材质带来了轻盈的质感,glass makes the desk feel light ©acte tm

▼玻璃反射出商品,good reflects on the glass ©acte tm

▼开放式空间,open space ©acte tm


The three-storey tables, which feature two glas plates on top and one mirror plate at the bottom, are made out of special extruded aluminium and measure 800x800x2200mm.

▼展示柜3d模型,3d model of the desk ©acte tm

▼展示柜结构细节,detail of the desk ©acte tm

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