Renovation of Tomioka no.3 Warehouse by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Reinforce traditional wooden architecture by carbon fiber

Project Specs


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The project is located on the street of textile in front of Tomioka station. It was originally the no.3 warehouse in the district with traditional wooden structure. The design used CFRP to enhance the building’s earthquake resistance, transforming it into a communication space for the community.

▼项目外观,external view of the project

▼建筑保留原本的立面,短边设置开口,the original facade of the building was remained, with opening on the short side


We are used to use iron components to reinforce wooden structure. However, the iron material is too heavy that it would weaken the earthquake resistance of the building on the contrary. Iron material would also affect the soft feeling of wood. In comparison, carbon fiber weights only one-twentieth of iron and it could bear more tension. The material has a soft appearance and has been used to reinforce traditional wooden buildings in recent years. In this project, carbon fiber was interwoven beneath the wooden beams, supporting the structure like weaving ropes.

▼建筑室内,利用碳纤维材料补强原建筑,interior of the building, the original builing was reinforced by carbon fiber

▼碳纤维像翻花绳一样支撑木结构,carbon fiber supported the wooden structure like weaving ropes


The former warehouse was connected with the outdoor plaza through a large opening, corresponding with the Tomioka Town Hall designed by the same architect. It became a transparent public space on the delicate street of textile.

▼夜景,正面落地玻璃增加建筑的通透性,night view, large glass facade increased the transparency of the building

▼建筑与广场相连,形成新的社区公共空间,the building was connected with the plaza, creating a new public space for the community

面积:289.03 m2

摄影:Kawasumi・Kobayasi kenji Photograph Office

MORE: 隈研吾建筑都市设计事务所   Kengo Kuma and Associates  ,更多关于他们:Kengo Kuma and Associates on gooood

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