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Firm and curved, united in a scenery of eating

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JE北京餐厅,意为Just Enjoy,极简的餐厅名,诠释的却是极为丰富的哲思。结庐人境,美馔当前,无论中式还是西式,不拘古典还是现代,悦享,就是对食与境最大的褒奖。“先锋设计兼备有仪式感体验的时尚空间“是主理人Iris对品牌的要求,思维碰撞下,灵感由此诞生。

JE Beijing, which means Just Enjoy, is a simple name that contains a very rich philosophy sense, Nowadays, when we head out for food, we don’t mind whether it is Chinese or Western, whether it is classical or modern, we just enjoy it, and it surly is the greatest praise for food and environment. Iris , the host of JE Beijing, hopes to create the restaurant into a designed space that is both artistic and practical. Based on it,our designer played his talent to the full.

▼餐厅概览,project preview ©锐景摄影


In oriental aesthetics, designing is about achieving overall harmonious, and respects differences in the same time. The concrete facade of JE Beijing is restrained and elegant. Under the proper light, the texture of the building appears, and it exudes an advanced aura like a fancy Museum.

▼建筑外观,exterior view of the restaurant ©锐景摄影

▼入口,entrance ©锐景摄影


The designer removed the floor of the original space and set up a metal staircase in the grand space, swaying upwards, connected to the second-floor outdoor terrace. The color of the staircase is oriental red, and the shape is derived from the ribbon. The lights on it is sketched like a golden thread. Standing upright in the space is itself an aesthetic sculpture. This “Oriental red ribbon” leads the entire space, pretty charming and gathers all the attention. And let it became a dynamic space. Rigidity and softness, warmth and simplicity, tranquility and unrestrained balance are achieved here.

▼红色金属楼梯扶摇而上,统领整个空间,the red staircase is the soul of JE Beijing ©锐景摄影

▼楼梯俯瞰,overlook from the stair ©锐景摄影


The hanging veil-like glass lamps soften the space in an abstract way. And it dissolve the rigidity and coldness brought by cement and metal in the space, and fit the atmosphere scheduling of the dining space.

▼飘带般的楼梯,the “red ribbon” ©锐景摄影

▼玻璃灯具以形意柔化空间,the space was soften by the veil-like glass lamps ©锐景摄影


For the walls in the atrium and sofa area , the designer used glass bricks and cement bricks. Extremely rough ones and extremely delicate ones show up together, and gives the second “skin” of the space a rich possibility under natural light in the daytime and back lights during evenings. Light and darkness, virtual and reality, all flow naturally.

▼中庭空间,atrium space ©锐景摄影

▼背灯的设计由内浸润出温暖静谧的光,in the evening, the back light brings a warm and tranquil atmosphere ©锐景摄影


The red staircase is the soul of JE Beijing, and divided the space into delicate levels. As far as the eyes can see, there is no rigid cover, and the semi-enclosed space is inspired by the Chinese courtyard. With low walls, high back sofas, different shapes of tables and chairs, and even light and shadow, every guest enjoys different scenes besides overall layout. And its multiple atmospheres are also suitable for different dining scenarios.

▼半围合空间以中式院落为灵感,the semi-enclosed space is inspired by the Chinese courtyard ©锐景摄影

▼包间,private dining room ©锐景摄影


JE Beijing brings great and unique food, focusing on the taste and combined western and Chinese culinary culture. And the same concept is applied in the designing. Just enjoy great food , and the atmosphere, that’s the way we enjoy life.

▼空间概览,overall view ©锐景摄影

▼灯光运用点亮楼梯肌理,light up the ‘Chinese ribbon’ ©锐景摄影

▼平面图,plan ©FUNUN LAB

▼立面图,elevations ©FUNUN LAB

设计公司:FUNUN LAB设计研究室
摄影:锐景摄影 (广松美佐江/宋昱明)

Project Name:JE BEIJING
Site Location:Wukesong Area
Design Firm:FUNUN LAB
Designer:Fan Jie
Design Team:Du Xiaobo/Liu Zhaoping/Liu Lingqiu
Completion Time:2020.04
Photographer: Ruijing Photo



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