Quiet And Elegant House Created Between Ancient And Modern – Gray Space in Fuzhou, China by LEISURE DESIGN

A literati space

Project Specs


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Outside the window
MinjiangRiver flows slowly as time passing
Inside the window
Antiquities whisper about the long river of history

The project is located in Fuzhou Rongqiao Bund. Owners are antique collectors and the collections are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a new literati space for collection, appreciation, and social.The house is located on the upper level, with excellent view facing the Minjiang River in the north. Although there is little landscape in the south, it has plenty of daylight. Based on the owner’s preference, we use bare concrete paint as the base colour covering the south wall while the north wall with white frosted texture material. Bare concrete paint shows the beauty of connotation while white paint seems emptiness. Concrete and white, emphasizing the contrast of light and shade, reflects artistic conception around.

▼室内空间局部,灰色和白色的墙面强调明暗对比,partial interior view, concrete and white emphasize the contrast of light and shade © 吴永长


When you enter the house, there is a long and narrow aisle which can be roughly took as the axis of the whole space. And from west to east, the space is stretched horizontally. The aisle divides the space into north side and south side. First, Buddha statue hall and middle hall and then it gradually sorts out the study room, the lounge, and the two independent small tea rooms. The purpose of the layout is that the owner could wander freely while enjoy the season change and altering daylight.

▼入户门,一条狭长的走道将整个厅堂分隔成南北两侧,the entrance, a long and narrow aisle divides the space into north side and south side © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼佛像展厅,the Buddha statue hall © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼佛像展厅的白色展柜,配合原木色,the white display cabinet with the wood in the Buddha statue hall © 吴永长

▼佛像展厅局部,partial view of the Buddha statue hall © 吴永长


▼从北向中堂的入口隔断处看佛像展厅,viewing the Buddha statue hall from the arched niche for Buddha © 吴永长

▼北向中堂的入口隔断细节,是一座由拱形混凝土浇筑而成的佛龛,details of the arched niche for Buddha casted by concrete that can work as a break up between entrance and the middle hall © 吴永长

The most indispensable part of the entire space should be the arched niche for Buddha casted by concrete, in which settled a double-sided Buddha statue. It also works as a break up between entrance and the middle hall. Using Buddha statue as a “banner”, it not only makes people produce deep thoughts and delusions and then calm down from the outside world, but also integrates the “middle hall-Aisle-Buddha Exhibition Hall” spatial sequence.

▼北向中堂,the middle hall on the north side of the aisle © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼北向中堂局部,partial view of the middle hall on the north side of the aisle © 吴永长


Go through part of middle hall, a partially enlarged “inner court” is created in the small tea room. According to the original beam structure, the door hole is retracted while the gap is filled with glass brick. When the night comes, it seems like faint starlight, hiding a secret world.

▼小茶室,the small tea room © 吴永长

▼小茶室细节,details of the small tea room © 吴永长

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view of the project © 吴永长

▼室内空间局部,木制窗帘不仅透光,还保证了景观视野,partial interior view, the wooden curtain can introduce the natural light and offer a good view © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼室内空间局部,木元素与灰色的混凝土墙相得益彰,partial interior view, wood elements and concrete complement each other © 吴永长


Instead of isolating, different spaces have their special connection. Also, Inspired by traditional building concept of Jiangnan gardens, there are some elements and techniques such as leaking windows, wooden grilles, view borrowing and relationship between nothingness and essence. Through these tips, one can feel the spirit between different spaces. How interesting it is!

▼空间局部,采用木格栅,partial interior view with the wooden grilles © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼空间局部,木门搭配木格栅分隔空间,partial interior view, the wooden doors with wooden grilles divide the space © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼空间细节,采用漏窗元素,运用虚实关系借景,space details with leaking windows, view borrowing and relationship between nothingness and essence © LEISURE DESIGN 乐享设计

▼漏窗细节,details of the leaking window © 松峰


The old saying goes, “Craftsman can achieve 30% of a gardening work while the other 70% depends on the man who masters the core spirit of gardening.” In furnishings, the blank in space is necessary, which not only keeps things simple and clear, but also leaves the fun for the owner to fill in the blank by themselves.

▼室内空间细节,space details © 吴永长

摄影:吴永长、LEISURE DESIGN乐享设计、松峰

Location: Rongqiao Bund Area C, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Photography: Wu Yongchang, LEISURE DESIGN, Songfeng
Gross Floor Area: 237㎡
Primary Materials: Grass brick\ fir\white paint board\Steel sheet\ Pacific Lifestyle tile\ OSB\ Manchurian ash \Putty coating

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