Page One Beijing Fun Bookstore Interior Design, China by Vector Architects

A continuation of experience and perspective of the urban space

Project Specs


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Page One 北京坊书店选址于北京中轴线上天安门广场旁的正阳门西南角,位于大栅栏传统商业区的核心地段,这个特殊的地点承载了北京商业发展重要的历史痕迹和空间记忆。对于我们来说,这是一次完全在已建成的建筑空间内进行的室内设计,但由于这个地点所具有的鲜明城市性特征,在设计一开始,我们选择了从城市空间的角度切入思考。

▼场地位置示意,site location ©直向建筑

Page One Beijing Fun Bookstore is situated at the southwest corner of Zhengyang Gate at Tiananmen Square along the central axis of Beijing. The special location, as the core of the traditional Dashilar commercial district, bears important historical traces and memory of the commercial development of the city. Even though this project is a purely interior design in a completed existing structure, but we try to initiate the project with embedding urban DNA into the space, due to the distinctive features of the site.

▼入口长廊,Entrance Tunnel ©陈颢 / 直向建筑


▼设计手绘,sketches ©直向建筑

▼轴测,axon ©直向建筑

We extend the “local alley” into this three-story interior space. A series of independent “architecture” corresponding to different programs is established within the 3000-square-meter existing store space. We wish that people in the commercial space can still perceive a distinctive relationship between inner and outer, exclusive and public space atmospheres of an open city, with a continuation of experience and perspective of the urban space. The “alley” in the bookstore is lined with more than a dozen of “architecture” on different floors, including an 18-meter-high vertical book pagoda winding through three floors of the space, an entrance tunnel connecting the city street, a large open space surrounded by two 50-meter-long walls of books, a book cave facing Zhengyang Gate, a bowl-shaped theatre-like children’s reading zone, an art zone and a cafe with skylights on the top floor, and etc.

▼入口门厅,Entrance Lobby ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼主题推荐区,Recommendation Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼收银台,Cashier Counter ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼从主题推荐区望向Pop-up区,View from Recommendation Area to Pop-up Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼Pop-up区, Pop-up Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼从黑色书筒望向Pop-up区,View from Recommendation Area to Pop-up Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼生活方式区,Lifestyle Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼Pop-up区, Pop-up Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼儿童读本区,Children’s Books ©陈颢 / 直向建筑


According to the specific functions, we define and develop the scale, materiality and light for all the “architecture” within the bookstore. It is hoped that, this 24-hour bookstore will be a high-quality place integrating a variety of urban life styles for the public, and ultimately become a significant cultural spot of Beijing.

▼艺术与设计区,Art & Design Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼艺术与设计区上方天窗,skylight over the Art & Design Area ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼咖啡吧,Café ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼多功能活动区,Multi-function Event Space ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼人文社科区,Humanities & Social Science ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼黑色书塔与小阁楼,Book Pagoda & Attic ©陈颢 / 直向建筑

▼黑色书塔,Book Pagoda ©马小凯 / 直向建筑

▼仰望黑色书塔,view up to the Book Pagoda ©马小凯 / 直向建筑

▼一层平面图,plan level 1 ©直向建筑

▼二层平面图,plan level 2 ©直向建筑

▼三层平面图,plan level 3 ©直向建筑

Page One 北京坊书店室内设计
建筑面积:3050 平方米
设计周期:2016/04 – 2017/01
建造周期:2017/01 – 2018/01

Page One Beijing Fun Bookstore Interior Design
Location: Building 1, 13 Langfangtoutiao, Beijing, China
Principal Architect: Gong Dong
Project Architect: Yang Zhou, Chen Liu
Design Team: Han Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xiaokai Ma, Kai Zhang, Chaoying Feng, Hungpin Chen, Dan Zhao, Zhengqiang Chen
Site Architect: Yang Zhou, Peng Zhang
Structural Engineer: Lixin Ji
MEP Engineer: Huaiqiang Zhang, Liping Ding
Lighting Consultant: X Studio, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Client: Thinkingdom Bookstore Co.,Ltd.
Contractor: Jianfeng Construction Group (share) Co.,Ltd.
Material: Steel, Metal Mesh, Laminated Bamboo, Acrylic, Wood, Terrazzo, Tyvek, Polycarbonate Board
Building Area: 3050 sqm
Design Period: 2016/04 – 2017/01
Construction Period: 2017/01 – 2018/01
Photograph: Chen Hao, Ma Xiaokai

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