Chapel of Music, China by Vector Architects

Sophisticated “music box” landed in the square

Teaching Review: Dong Gong as Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Torino

A full record of courses and workshop activities for the academic year 2021-2022

Luxelakes Floating Headquarters, China by Vector Architects

Bring new possibilities for office buildings of high-density

CAFAa Chinese Architects Cutting-edge Report II – Gong Dong: Recent Practice of Vector Architects

(only in Chinese) Practice is the key power to make the architecture discipline more comprehensive and integrative

Material and Detail NO. 2 – Concrete blocks used in Yangshuo Sugar House / Vector Architects

(only in Chinese)Accumulate knowledge and develop problem-solving skills. Materials and tectonics are always one of the most important topics in architecture.

Pingshan Art Museum, Shenzhen, China by Vector Architects

Embedding contemporary art and cultural spaces in a continuous urban context

Dong Gong became member of French Academia of Architecture

With ten most popular projects of Vector Architects on gooood in the article.

Haibing Center of Nankai University, China by Vector Architects

To further stimulate a positive and high quality modern campus lifestyle in a way that respects the natural environment while retaining the texture of the old campus

Changjiang Art Museum, China by Vector Architects

A contemporary response commemorating the traces and atmosphere of the human construction in Changjiang Village

Seashore Chapel, China by Vector Architects

A boat for meditation