Connecting Vessel by Vector Architects

To present the vivid and peculiar growing progress of a building at the Venice Biennale

Making Architecture – Lecture in Hong Kong University by Dong Gong, Vector Architects

In Dong Gong’s mind, the fundamental of architecture is making, is the involvement of our hand and body, ultimately to create a place with spirit.

Alila Yangshuo, China by Vector Architects

To convey a sophisticated consistency between old and new

Suochengli Neighborhood Library, China, by Vector Architects

To reactivate the space by blending the old and the new

everyone × Seashore Library

Do “Lonely Library” really lonely? How could architecture effect our lives?

Renovation of Captain’s House / Vector Architects

A Lighthouse at the seaside.

Material and Detail NO. 1 – Vector Architects / Dong Gong

Dong Gong: Every tectonic design has to be inspired from its own project.

Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum by Vector Architects

Architecture blends into the nature, courtyards and outdoor corridors generate the spatial experinece of traditional building types.

M Woods Entrance Revitalization by Vector Architect

The superposition of new and old, light but powerful.

Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Center / Vector Architects