Office design for GTD Guangzhou Mingdao Lighting Technology, China by TO GET THE

A modern professional and passionate working space

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TO GET THE壹同创意以“洒进尘世的曙光”为概念,为GTD广州市明道灯光科技股份有限公司打造一个工业风浓郁的办公及头脑风暴会议场所。整个空间采用水泥自流平与柔润原木的软硬交融、黑钢结构与橘红光影的冷暖碰撞的设计手法,致力打造一个现代专业和富于激情的工作空间。

TO GET THE’s creative concept is to create an industrial and brainstorming meeting place for GTD Guangzhou Mingdao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. The whole space adopts the design method of cement self-leveling and soft and hard blending of soft wood, black steel structure and orange-red light and cold collision, and strives to create a modern professional and passionate working space.

▼入口走廊,entry way


It used to be an old warehouse. The owners hoped that the basic principle of low-carbon and environmental protection would ultimately achieve the balance and unity of the space as a whole. The designer respects the original building structure and introduces a modern office, an open collaborative work area, a director’s conference room, a multi-functional reception area, a book bar and a tea area. The office space is designed to help stage creative and lighting technology experts find solutions to problems faster, by solving problems in parallel rather than linearly.

▼公共空间围绕开放式办公区布置,the open working space is surrounded by public areas

▼办公空间,working space


The design of the polyline on the spatial plane partition adds subtle changes to the spatial moving line to achieve the overall creative space and achieve unexpected spatial effects. The spatial structure of the back-to-back type will open the office to the middle of the whole space. Around the open office area are two multi-purpose rooms, two small meeting rooms, one large meeting room, one leisure reception area and five office partitions. Room, a water bar area, a book bar area, a bathroom.

▼从走廊望向会议室,view to the meeting room


The dark gray cement self-leveling and the combination of the beautiful rock plate and the black steel show the simple atmosphere of the architectural space. Such black and neutral colors can solve many material matching problems, and can also enhance the contrast between the façade level and the texture. The space facade is full of texture. With modern furniture in bright colors, the whole space is rough and stylish. The choice of materials and colours brings warmth and vitality to modern spaces, encouraging internal staff to interact and collaborate with external work partners.

▼走廊空间细部,corridor detailed view

办公空间设计落地的最终结果是一个现代化的、功能性的和兼收并蓄的空间,以及作为主要办公室的折衷空间,也鼓励员工拥有创造性和高质量的新想法。GTD业主非常喜欢最后的落地效果,也给予了很多赞许与肯定,这对TO GET THE壹同创意的设计团队及朱海博、钟行建来说,再一次得到了令人鼓舞的双赢结果。

The end result of the design of the office space is a modern, functional and eclectic space, as well as a compromise between the main office and encourages employees to have new ideas of creativity and quality. GTD owners liked the final landing effect and gave a lot of praise and affirmation. This is another encouraging result for the design team of TO GET THE and ASOKA ZHU and KEN CHUNG.

▼走廊灯光效果,lighting effect of the corridor


The dream is the light in the darkness, the bravery of chasing the light in the darkness, and always believe in the belief that you persist in your attachment.


项目面积: 800平方米

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