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A series of continuous pyramidal roofs define a simple office space

Project Specs


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2019,对Mur Mur Lab来说将是气质尽显的一年。赶在2018的尾巴,两位创始人给工作室找了一个新家。

For Mur Mur Lab, 2019 will be the year to shine. By the end of 2018, Samoon and Lee, the two co-founders found a new home for Mur Mur Lab.

▼工作室室内空间一览,个人使用空间环绕四周,包裹中心公共区域,overall interior view, the personal working space is organized around the central public space


从家到工作室 | From home to studio

许多事情的发生无需预设,自然而然。就像Mur Mur Lab的开始。

No.165, Changshu road, is a place that we treated as the home.
A home should be the space for intimate individuals growing together. Space doesn’t need luxuriant expression. It should be a warm core for people.
It is like a home in normal daily life, but not for living. It is elegant without bearing much detail. It is suitable for every member, while open to public. Being appropriate is our expectation.
Many things happen naturally, without presupposing the outcome, just like how the story of Mur Mur Lab began.

▼办公区,由连续起伏的、中心最高边缘最低的攒尖坡顶界定,office area, defined by a series of continuous pyramidal roofs whose central point is the highest, while the edge is low


空间 | Space


Under no restriction of imagination, this piece was actually the most self-restraint design of us. Order is the first description we gave to this space. Different function was arranged from public to private, expanding from the exhibition room at the entrance. From outside to inside, the room was open to the sky again at the end of the space. Working space was defined by a series of continuous pyramidal roofs. The central point was the highest, while the edge of the roof was intentionally set at a fairly low height. The minimum was only 1.8m. It enclosed a space that is more suitable for sitting comfortably. The perimeter was lifted up again. Wind and light poured down the eaves, just like the nature.

▼位于办公区边缘的个人区域,其上的屋檐压得很低,是一个更适宜坐着体验的空间,the personal working space at the edge of the office area, above which the roof is fairly low to create a space more suitable for sitting comfortably

▼一人读书空间,reading space

▼办公区另一侧的休息和讨论空间,垂直的灯柱象征虚幻不可得的结构,the rest and discussion space at the other side of the office area, and the perpendicular light tubes manifest the invisible structure

▼休息讨论区的展示墙,the exhibition wall in the rest and discussion area


Warm is the second word we give. The floor and wall were like hands, warmly holding us together. The roof was like a hat, being in the middle of the space, protecting us in a sense of tenderness. The crossing wire and perpendicular light tube manifested the invisible structure, which defined the space again, presenting the most suitable scale for working inside. There is a control under no restriction. Nature was invited into every corner of the space, gently and silently.

▼办公区天花板细节,中心最高,边檐很低,details of the ceiling above the office area, whose central point is the highest, while the edge is fairly low

▼天花板上纵横相交的钢索再一次限定了空间,the crossing wire on the ceiling defines the space again


Conflict is the third word we give. What we expect to present is not just the final outcome, but also the process and all the imperfect reality. The exhibition room was frozen in the time of refurbishment. The traces of renovation left the wall as a natural background. The exposed structural beam indicated that all the roofs were just decoration. We avoided making new detail to blanket the reality by putting different materials together, creating the conflict in the straightest way. We unveiled the mask while bringing new faces in.

▼入口展厅,墙面保留拆除的痕迹和结构梁,不同材料展现出“冲突”的空间感受,the exhibition room at the entrance, remaining the renovation traces of the wall and exposed structural beam, enhancing the Conflict space

▼透过入口展厅侧墙的小窗看茶水间,the view of catering room through the window on the wall of the entrance exhibition room


院子真好 窗子真好 | Lovely courtyard, lovey window


▼从工作区看向室外庭院,the courtyard view from the office area

Among the rooms, the courtyard is the smallest but wildest one. We left a piece of land, filling it with olive tree, clematis and ivy. Hopefully, the ivy will cover the whole wall by next summer. In our imagination, courtyard should be embraced by the greenery. However, in reality it was surrounded by three thick walls. We chose the green marble instead. “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space”. As there is another building in front of the courtyard, there is no holy skylight pouring from the round hole. However, it is like a palette, reflecting the brightness and darkness, coldness and warmness of the light, with the rhythm of change of day and night.

▼庭院空间,绿色石材象征着绿色的植被,the exterior courtyard, the green marble represents the greenery

▼与室外庭院接壤的办公区屋顶的圆形的天窗,可以反映四时的环境色调的变化,the round skylight on the roof of the office space adjacent to the outdoor courtyard, reflecting the palettes of brightness and darkness

她说:“日常和诗性就好。”他说:“继续相信建筑学的力量 。”

Here, day-to-day experience and aura composed a space of poetry, diffusing in this little world like the air.
She said something normal but poetic would be just enough. He said keeping on believing in the power of architecture.

▼室外庭院,日常和灵光汇聚成的诗意空间,the outdoor courtyard, a space of poetry with day-to-day experience and aura

在日日夜夜的时光流逝中,生活里每一个温柔美好的碎片和细节,都是让人宁静的瞬间。在Mur Mur Lab,宁静是有的,但这并非是无来由的安宁,而是一种必须每日每时不间断去争取的自在。

In the flow of time, every pieces of lovely and warm detail is the moment that makes people feel the serenity of life. There lies such tranquility in the space of Mur Mur Lab. It is not something coming from nowhere. It is the freedom that worth fighting for, in every second, every day of our life.
It is the serenity beneath the roaring trends.

▼模型,physical model

▼设计拼贴,collage drawings

▼平面图,floor plan


项目名称:Mur Mur Lab设计工作室

Project name: Mur Mur Lab design studio
Main architect: Li Zhi, Xia Murong
Design team: Yang Mei, Zheng Yahui
Project site: Changshu Road, Shanghai
Project area: 75㎡
Photography: Cine-Avril, Hozwee

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