The Visible Ze Habitat Tent Art Hotel, Yunnan, China by JSTUDIO

Modern tent hotel inspired by unique creatures.

Project Specs


感谢 捷仕建筑 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards JSTUDIO for providing the following description:


▼酒店鸟瞰,bird view of the hotel

The visible ze habitat tent art hotel is located in jinghong, xishuang banna dai autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, menghai county meng barak golf resort area, the hotel is close to the yue tsubaki spa, golf course. The architect conjures up modern tent hotel buildings through the unique clever creatures of banna. A total area of 13000 , hotel a period for 18 rooms, two family “water reflected firefly” and “land” in the screw. 12 guest rooms in phase ii “bee fly butterfly dance”

▼鸟瞰,独立的客房沿湖分布,bird view, independent guest rooms located along the lake shore

▼酒店整体航拍,aerial photo of the entire project


Featured hotel restaurant: “dazzle rainforest”


The restaurant is marveled at the bionic image. But do not recognize its shape, like insects, like dragons, more mysterious. To discover the secret, eat inside. For the feast of gluttony forgot the time. Construction area of 200 , set the front desk, casual dining, bars and other services. After the banquet, the electric tone suddenly rises, the restaurant changes into a bar, under the tent, the flowing light overflow, dazzle the eyes that dazzle people. The changing light gave the building a vivid heartbeat. It’s the chameleon in the rain forest, the heart of vitality in the night.

▼造型独特的餐厅,restaurant with unique form

▼帐篷下的就餐空间,dining space under the tent


特色客房一: “水映萤火”
Feature room 1: “water reflects firefly”


Hotel rooms adjacent to the lake, nightfall, the first lights on. Under the tent, there were lights. Above the tent, glinting. The building area is 60 square meters. The large area of floor glass structure blurs the indoor and outdoor boundaries. The space that encloses by glass curtain wall and anticorrosive wood, introduced sufficient natural light, also ensured the illicit close sex of toilet at the same time. A little, a twinkle, like a million summer fireflies. Sticking to the water flying, water surface reflection as numerous stars. Starlight fluorescent, interweave in the romantic midsummer night.

▼滨湖客房,rooms adjacent to the lake

▼客房采用大面积的玻璃覆盖,the guest room is enclosed by large area of glass

▼波光倒映在帐篷内侧,glistening of waves on the inner side of the tent

▼通透的客房内部空间,transparent space inside the guest room

▼大面积的玻璃引入自然光,拉近人与自然的关系,large area of glass brings in sufficient natural light, creating a close relationship between people and nature


Special guest room 2: “screw dong tian”


The guest room is shaped like a conch in the palm. The building area is 70 square meters but the scale can accommodate a big family, surrealist and fantasy, meet in meng bala, sea snail travels all over the world, visit land sometimes. Every conch, is “poem and far” meet with the guest meng bala, conch cave sky, echo wreathed. Tell the wonderful world and listen to the guests.

▼海螺形状的客房,guest rooms in conch shape

▼客房室内,落地窗提供优美景观,interior of the guest room, French windows provide view to the outdoor scenery

▼海螺般的内部空间给人以私密安全的感觉,the interior space gives people a feel of safety

▼酒店夜景,night view of the hotel

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