Masa Photography Base, China by QUANHONG ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES

Creating a New Social Space Full of Possibilities

Project Specs


非常感谢 权洪建筑研究所 予gooood分享以下内容
Appreciation towards QUANHONG ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES for providing the following description: 

日新月异的世界,我们从未掩饰对美好事物本身的偏爱,具有着最直接的感官冲击力。打开多维度的二维制造窗口,一场集合科技艺术潮流在过程中发现与探索自我最本质意识的的旅程。 —— QHD Studio

In a rapidly changing world, we never hide our preferences for the beautiful things themselves, having the most direct sensory impact. Opening a multidimensional 2-D manufacturing window, we can experience a journey integrating science and art trends, as well as discover and explore our most essential consciousness.—— QHD Studio

▼外立面,facade ©曹亚虎


MASA is the product required by today’s network, and it is a multi-scenario composite space that meets the needs of photography. The original two-layer workshop space is retained, and diversified scenes such as retro cafe, art gallery, aromatherapy shop, flower shop, French living hall and art installation area are provided. The space is enriched and varied, which guarantees the independence of simultaneous shooting of the two floors. The whole space is mainly white, the gray of different layers is auxiliary, the local floor in the warm wood color adds some warmth and randomness. Art decoration and smart simple furniture provide flexible space and ornaments, letting art and people’s spirit flow up again in this quiet and free space, which records the most beautiful picture.

▼原厂房环境,original factory environment ©QHD Studio


The project reestablishes the commercial space in the form of rational thinking and takes the comfortable and meticulous humanistic care as the main axis. While planning the flexible and open layout, it uses the humanistic emotion area to surround the ritual sense of life, creating a new social space full of possibilities. The space is based on the creation of internal architectural box units, exploring the various connections between space and human behaviors, and reconstructing space in combination with contemporary artistic thinking.

▼分析图,diagram ©QHD Studio


外立面展示 | External Facade Display



Pure whiteness is both open and hidden, both minimalist and profound.

It’s the best lighting surface, four floor-to-ceiling windows are maximized to maintain the transparency and accessibility of the overall photographic space. The super white glass is perfectly matched with the architectural white body, separated from the surrounding environment, like the purest soul in the heart. The geometric body combined with the arc and the straight line forms a harmonious relationship, which is also attractive and full of yearning.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©曹亚虎


多维盒子 | Multidimensional Box


The three-dimensional geometric multidimensional box is an imagination of the future. The stacking sense of fun is like several alien cabins located here, and the slender leg supports seem to move at any time to explore the unknown parts of this space. When we shuttle in the boxes, we feel like returning to the chase of childhood with our fellow partners…

▼多维盒子,Multidimensional Box ©曹亚虎


Space tries to evoke the inseparable connections between objects and objects, between objects and people, and between people and space, through tactile and visual perception.

▼盒子细节,details ©曹亚虎


大厅区域 | Hall Area


The scattered stone pillars which are inspired by the designers try their best to bring uniqueness to the space and leave traces of time. The geometry with different shapes has artistic sense and echoes with the space. The collocation of soft outfit brings the collision between materials, which can meet the needs of the photography scene and bring visual experiences, generating a new kind of artistic urban vitality.

▼创意石柱,Creative Stones ©曹亚虎


Entering the entrance hall, you will see the light cement-colored bar counter. The desktop of different materials divides the functionality of the display stand and the work stand. It combines the original columns on both sides, and highlights the aesthetic feeling brought by the history and particularity of the space itself. Storage function and product display function are provided. The design aesthetic feeling is freely and naturally revealed.

▼吧台,Bar Counter ©曹亚虎


The layout of the two cartons echoes the theme of multidimensional space, and is also a description of the current situation of online shopping express boxes. The appearance of kraft paper is selected to better integrate into the overall space. For the shooting background, the aesthetic modeling of the object itself does not affect the display effect of the garment.

▼纸箱装置,Carton Device ©曹亚虎


艺术画廊 | Art Gallery



Multiple arches are combined to form a gallery space with a sense of lines and rich overall space level sense. The texture of the top stainless steel corrugated plate is also very interesting, it reflects the ambient light as well as the interactive reflection, which breaks the stillness of the space, moving with the ripples of water.

The red brick wall and mottled background board are combined. The use of scattered paint boxes and brushes restores the authenticity of the painting scene, which is well inserted into the environment to create a gallery-style creation space, meeting the requirements of the model to show the clothes.

▼画廊空间,gallery space ©曹亚虎

▼红色砖墙与斑驳背景板,the red brick wall and mottled background board ©曹亚虎

▼顶部不锈钢波纹板, stainless steel ceiling ©曹亚虎


香薰店 | Aromatherapy Shop


The pure white arc background modelling matches the central independent display stand, which does not have too much decoration language, highlighting the own main body style. Dazzling glass and black leather sofa embellish the whole atmosphere, meanwhile, simple props meet the needs of the shooting.

▼展示台,display stand ©曹亚虎


买手店 | Store


The first thing that comes into our eyes is the door opening with exposed red bricks. The combination of jagged bricks and cement-painted walls is of an industrial style. With stainless steel partitions and seats, the minimalist space is full of visual tension. The scenes have different space atmosphere and are closely related.

▼买手店门洞,the door to the fashion store ©曹亚虎

▼买手店内部,store interior view ©曹亚虎


时光隧道 | Time Tunnel


Taking advantage of the profound sense of the aisle itself, a time tunnel is created by the LED linear light bars. The luminous light lines are arranged layer by layer, and the entire aisle is full of science fiction. The curved shape leaning to one side echoes the doorway, leading visitors to explore the mystery of the deep space, and participate in the infinite reverie of the future for the space.

▼时光隧道由led线型灯条打造,a time tunnel is created by the LED linear light bars ©曹亚虎


艺术装置 | Art Installations


Art installations cooperate with emerging designers from time to time. Different artistic creations are not only the infusion of fresh blood for MASA, but also the platform for designers to realize their own values. This is an interactive mode of MASA.

▼装置和空间细节,installation and interior details ©曹亚虎


The mirror interaction experience space created by the designer is a three-dimensional space composed of mirrors inside and outside. The edges are surrounded by LED lights, which makes it more scientific and technological. It shows that MASA is not only a commercial photography space, but also integrates more humanistic feelings, it pays attention to the spiritual pleasure brought by new things, and it is also a moment of relaxation after work.

▼镜面互动体验空间,the mirror interaction experience space ©曹亚虎


生活平台 | Living Platform


Each object has a unique sense of plastic arts, when combined together, they also have an intriguing sense of layers. The sofa is the main body, the pure white charm comes from the stainless steel corrugated plate custom screen foil. The tea table that’s joined together, interesting low stool, uneven endless column… What you see is not only furniture, but also a door to artistic and creative taste of life, as well as a different way of life which brings enjoyment.

▼生活平台,Living Platform ©曹亚虎

▼室内细节,details ©曹亚虎

▼轴测图,axon ©QHD Studio

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©QHD Studio

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©QHD Studio

设计范围:建筑设计 室内设计 软装设计 灯光设计
设计公司:QHD Studio
设计团队:施权洪 沈渝翔 陈玉 邱淑怡 余俊 李东 杨鹏飞 贺子东
软装设计:QHD Studio
灯光顾问:李伟 刘勤
项目主材:艺术漆 真石漆 不锈钢 水磨石 钢材
摄影:曹亚虎 施权洪

Project Information
Project Name: Masa Photography Base
Project Location: Hangzhou, China
Design Scope: architectural design, interior design, soft decoration design, lighting design
Design Company: QHD Studio
Design Director: Shi Quanhong
Design Team: Shi Quanhong, Shen Yuxiang, Chen Yu, Qiu Shuyi, Yu Jun, Li Dong, Yang Pengfei, He Zidong
Soft Decoration Design: QHD Studio
Lighting Consultant: Li Wei and Liu Qin
Engineering Team: Wang Lei
Design Area: 1000 square meters
Design Time: 9, 2019
Completion time: 4, 2020
Project Main Materials: art paint, real stone paint, stainless steel, terrazzo, steel
Photography: Cao Yahu Shi Quanhong



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