Landscape Design of Chongqing Second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge Waterfront Ecological Park, China by Chongqing Haofeng Planning and Design Group Co., Ltd.

Return the city’s waterfront to nature

Project Specs


感谢 重庆浩丰规划设计集团股份有限公司 予gooood分享以下内容。Appreciations towards Chongqing Haofeng Planning and Design Group Co., Ltd. for providing the following description:


▼滨水生态公园新貌,the Waterfront Ecological Park after renewal

Waterfront is vital for city to carry out activities, execute functions and promote images, more than demonstrating its upgrade in eco-system and environment. The project land was a 50,000-square-meter intertidal zone located under the north end of the Second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge. It has been deserted, since its location in the hydro-fluctuation belt makes the size change with water level.

▼场地原貌,original site


When designing the waterfront of Second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge, we planned to restore the original landscape of the space. With idea of being ecological, natural and low-carbon, we would like to create an environmentally-friendly waterfront park where human beings, nature and city can harmoniously coexist. The design comprehensively reflects the cultural nature of water landscape, while integrating modern culture and art with local riverside culture. With such efforts, we want to evoke people’s nostalgia for such culture and add another name card to the city.

▼追寻江滩记忆,Recover the memory about riverside


“Flexible Landscape Design” Based on Water Level Change


Based on different water levels, the park enjoys three levels of thematic landscape experience zones: Public Amusement Zone, Ecological Revetment Zone and Natural Intertidal Zone. As time and water level change, the Park will present diversified landscapes.

▼总平图,Master Plan

▼水位163.00,Water Level: 163.00

▼水位173.00,Water Level: 173.00

▼水位175.00,Water Level: 175.00


01.公共游乐区:“ 健康生活 ”,关键词:“健康”、“休闲”。
Public Amusement Zone: “Healthy Life” Keywords: “Health” and “Leisure”


In the area above the elevation of 175 meters, we built a multi-functional complex landscape space, which was composed of lawn, sandpit, steps (on the lawn) and cycleway, based on its partially elevated terrain.

▼草坪和步道,lawn and walkway


In the area between the elevation of 173 and 175 meters, we created a wetland landscape, which enjoyed a rain garden and several wetland plants. Grounded on the natural intertidal zone formed by river flushing, we developed a space for people to barbecue and camp.

▼湿地风貌景观,wetland landscape



02. 生态护坡区:“生态技术”,关键词:“绿色岸线”。
Ecological Revetment Zone: “Ecological Technology” Keywords: “Green Waterfront”


We reinforced the existing revetment and made ecological restoration, so as to build an environmentally-friendly, natural and green revetment landscape.

▼水岸回归自然,Let the riverside become a natural landscape again


Natural Intertidal Zone: “Resource Regeneration” Keywords: “Pleasure from the Nature”


We preserved the current natural intertidal zone, minimized the intervention of its eco-system, and partially reinforced and afforested the original hard revetment. As a result, we realized the ecological green waterfront.


The project makes bold innovation, gaining great social responses and introducing attractive landscapes to the city. Now, it becomes a popular place for local people to play and have a rest. Owing to appropriate functions, cost-effective materials, comfortable space and sound natural environment, the project not only improves the quality of urban environment, but also becomes a successful demonstration area of hydro-fluctuation belt transformation.

▼总体设计示意,overall design


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