COFFIRE Pendant Light by KAE

Coffee grounds fired on the surface of ceramics to form a unique marble texture

Project Specs

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How to create the unique pattern for each industrial ceramic product. COFFIRE project might provide an answer.

▼COFFIRE吊灯系列,COFFIRE pendant light


COFFIRE porcelain pendant light through the innovation of surface finishing technique by using recycled coffee grounds as sustainable coloring material to form mimic textures of marble under the mass production scenario.

▼使用回收咖啡渣作为可持续的着色材料,using recycled coffee grounds as sustainable coloring material

这种着色工艺的灵感来源于古老的坑烧技术(一种陶器烧制的方式)。瓷表面的咖啡渣在700-1000℃低温烧制着色的过程中,会释放出生物油,糖和盐等化学元素,它们之间相互的氧化作用下,就会在陶瓷表面产生粉色效果。同时由于湿度,浓度和温度的关系,形成了最后大理石般的肌理。COFFIRE项目是基于标准化生产和手工艺制作的两者关系之间探讨一种‘不完美’ 的美学存在的可能。

The eco-conscious method of staining is inspired by ancient pit firing technique for pottery making. During the low temperature (700-1000℃) firing process, the interaction between the biodiesel and the sugar in the coffee grounds, which oxidized to red matter, leave on the surface of the ceramics to form random texture, because the surface texture is influenced by many variables, such as temperature, humidity, coffee grounds density etc. The aim of COFFIRE project is to develop the ‘imperfect’ design language from the perspective of the relationship between the industrial standardized production and the craftsmanship.

▼拥有大理石般肌理的陶瓷表面,porcelain surface with textures of marble

Project name: Coffire pendant light
Design: KAE
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: 2018.12-2019.3
Leader designer & Team: Zhekai Zhang
Project location: London,UK
Photo credits: Zhekai Zhang


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