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Enjoy the plant view of heaven and earth

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Jiushu · shui yue is located in the northwestern foot of the ethereal peak of taihu lake. According to lu yu’s tea book, it is the birthplace of biluochun spring, which was once very prosperous. Nine tree, shui, is located in the prosperous site, enjoy the plant view of heaven and earth, with water, listen to the taihu lake, leaning against the vast tea garden, to return to the land, too lake, contracted fine accommodation and nuanced services, give life originally settled more extreme experience.

▼客栈外貌,exterior view


Keep the local cultural and natural atmosphere, therefore, become very important focus of the entire project, from building materials to design elements, even ingredients, make full use of local resources to the greatest extent.



“Gong tea house”, “the hidden Buddha for emotional support,” + “, wu of shui yue gong tea house FREE leisure tourism, inject the Alive leisure lifestyle in taihu lake, in the nine tree, shui, a study, a courtyard, tea and book be meditation mates. Here, the observation of taihu water bank’s native land to grow, year long lifetime, a year old a withered flourish, years feelings washs practice ground here, plain and simple way, harmonious fusion of man and nature and get along with.

▼水月与自然元素融为一体, The water moon blends in with the elements


There are 12 themed guest rooms in the hotel, including 3 executive rooms, 3 suites and 6 deluxe rooms, each with an area of 30m to 57m squared.Comfortable and delicate space one eye falls in love, when night falls, pull on the curtain to turn off the big lamp, clutch soft quilt horn, then leave only every sweet and happy dream.

▼入户门厅,guest room

▼客房,guest room


“Tea is also intoxicating why wine, books can smell I need not spend”, stay in this corner, brew a cup of tea, in the curl of the rising of the tea, holding a book carefully read, soft time to let people drunk.

▼茶室休闲,Tea room leisure


In a courtyard, looking at the clouds and clouds, looking at the sun, moon and stars, the running soul found poetic dwelling at this moment.

▼小庭院,Small courtyard




Ming dynasty “taiping qinghua” records: “dongting mountain xiaoqingwu tea, tang and song into tribute. There will be a water month, that is, a tea house. Shui yue gong tea house, open at any time, can be used as a venue for activities, as a venue for private board meetings, sharing sessions, tea parties, etc.

▼贡茶院,Gong tea house


There is a restaurant named lanruo. The main restaurant su bang cuisine, the ultimate su bang cuisine drink the very original taste of the mountain forest seamless combination. A private room in lanruo can accommodate up to 12 people. In addition, there are 5 small tables in the hall, which can hold up to 20 people.



The water month reception service hall not only provides accommodation registration, tea reception and other basic functions supporting services, but also provides cultural and creative product space and reading and eating tea space. Meanwhile nine tree hidden in institute of popular natural ⌠ warm baths ⌡, groceries, AD hoc mountain natural aesthetics in the hall together to find the beauty of you don’t know.

▼服务大厅,Service hall


Together with the hot bath house of the popular nature research institute, jiushu water moon started the lessons in the mountains. The water month hall specially sets up the mountain natural aesthetics grocery shop, discovers this you do not know the beauty, retains that moment, brings you home.

▼山林杂货铺,Mountain and forest grocery store

类型:休闲娱乐 精品酒店
材料:竹子 木材 大理石 砖结构


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