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We’ve opened the portal to the parallel world for you

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Tibet, a vast, rugged and lonely with wild color of the mysterious region. This time, our eyes are no longer on the sun-drenched Lhasa city, but to explore the holy light, hidden in the underground tension of another world.

▼视频,video © 单曾卓嘎


The story begins: they put the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou “packed”, secretly back to Tibet


This task is quite special. Our clients are several young people from Xizang who grew up in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.They bring their own ethnic sweet wild, but also quite a modern city temperament.They love music, they love hip-hop and they get drunk with alcohol.So I had this cool, bold idea,Pack your “beloved things” back to Tibet. Thus was born Ironbox, a spiritual home for several young people and a bar with pure Hippop culture.

▼项目外观,exterior of the project © 李恒

▼外观细部,details of the bar front © 李恒


With one space, balance two worlds


To the public, Tibet is full of mystery. On the snow-covered plateau, there are the highest and most magnificent palaces in the world. There are also a variety of snow mountains and glaciers… All knowledge about Tibet is natural and sacred, as if it were a parallel existence. In our opinion, the charm of space not only lies in the aesthetic achievements of steel and concrete, but more importantly, each space has its own unique character and regional characteristics, and can become a carrier of perception and communication between people. Therefore, we personally set foot in Tibet, feel the native environment, and inject this nature into the space design. This is a pluralistic time, the cultural/spatial integration of different regions, is another way to explore the new possibilities of the future city.

▼室内空间概览,overall of the interior © 李恒


When it comes to integration, it is all about exchange and flow. “They come from Tibet”, these Tibetan young people have completed the first half of their journey to Guangzhou.So, let’s relay in the second half. “We went into Tibet,” to explore the outside.With one space, balance two worlds.So, we opened the portal to the parallel world, IronBox. I also named this work: Xi(Cang) Underground to record this special experience.

▼吧台空间概览,overall of the bar counter area © 李恒


The coolest bar on the Highlands


By means of materials and array, it conflicts with the simplicity of the surrounding environment like a foreign object, but it is still in Lhasa, still emphasizing the combination of simplicity and natural essence with foreign form, still trying to express the memorial of the building. Through an electric gate, you can enter the front hall, and then walk through a front corridor area to really see the “underground” world. Through the use of large area of excessive space, the sense of science fiction is constantly deepened, and the “today’s face of Lhasa in the future” is depicted.

▼富有科技感的金属前廊区域,the sense of science fiction in the front corridor area © 李恒

▼室内的金属穿孔板与外立面形成呼应,perforated metal panels inside echo the facade © 李恒

▼由小窗口看室内空间,viewing the bar from a small window © 李恒


The whole space in the business process without the main light source, the design team hopes to let people in it, you can appreciate the hidden in the 200-level space to send out the hazy sense, clever and hidden, the more beautiful the night…… People come and go under the atmosphere light, and form a silhouette. With different seats, people become a scene in the space, with distinct layers. Our understanding of hip-hop culture should be real and open. Therefore, even though the seating situation in the space is high and low, the overall situation is open, the seats are also clustered, and the distance between people is close.

▼氛围灯光映衬下的人来人往,觥筹交错形成剪影,People come and go under the atmosphere light, and form a silhouette © 李恒

▼空间中的座位形势高高低低,the seating situation in the space is high and low © 李恒

▼空间总体是开放的,座位也是聚集的,the overall situation is open, the seats are also clustered © 李恒

▼不同高低的座椅与人就在空间中成了景,With different seats, people become a scene in the space, with distinct layers © 李恒

▼座椅细部,details of the seats © 李恒


Stainless steel, stretch mesh, and rough walls are the important materials that make up the interior space, presenting the hard core and purity of the space. The flavor of Tibet mixed in the space is still sufficient, small incense burners, Tibetan paintings, or local visitors wearing Tibetan clothes… The special people and things on the plateau inadvertently infuse a different kind of regional aesthetics here.

▼藏式元素与嘻哈元素,Tibetan elements and hip-hop elements © 李恒

▼不锈钢,拉伸网,以及粗糙的墙面是组成室内空间的重要材料,Stainless steel, stretch mesh, and rough walls are the important materials that make up the interior space © 李恒

▼灯光细部,detail of the light © 李恒

▼夜景,night view © 李恒

▼平面图,plan © Y·Design言述设计

项目名称:IRONBOX · 西藏cáng地下
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020.7-2020.12

Project name:IRONBOX
Design year & Completion Year:May.2020
Leader designer & Team:Y·Design team
Project location:Lhasa,Tibet,China
Gross Built Area (square meters):240㎡
Photo credits:Heng Li
Brands / Products used in the projrct:Perforated metal,Stainless steel,cement,Art paint
Artwork: @lettering_in_tibet

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