GLYN House, London by Yellow Cloud Studio

Giving new vitality to traditional architecture

Project Specs

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自家庭成员增多后,Glyn 住宅的业主急需一个更为宽敞的开放式室内空间,以供家人们聚集于此,共同欣赏花园的景色。在此情况下,Yellow Cloud Studio事务所被委托重新设计这栋维多利亚式住宅的后部。这里原本是厨房的位置,设计旨在使其与住宅前部生活区保持紧密联系的同时,创造出一个适合各项日常活动的开敞空间。

Having decided to grow their family, the owners of the Glyn House were lacking a large open plan area where everyone can be together and enjoy the garden views. Our studio was therefore asked to rethink the rear part of their Victorian property, where the kitchen was located, and produce a large space that fits a variety of everyday activities, while keeping a connection to the front living area of the house.

▼项目室内概览,overall of the project © Yellow Cloud Studio


That connection proved to be the biggest challenge of the project, as we dealt with a seven step drop of levels between the living and kitchen areas while figuring ways of concealing a maze of plumbing pipes that surrounded the existing rear facade.

▼轴测图与爆炸图,axonometric and explode drawing © Yellow Cloud Studio


A minimal facade with brutalist influences features vertical polished plaster pillars connected with black concrete panels and a pale brick floor stepping down towards the garden.

▼项目外立面,facade of the project after renovation © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼花园通向建筑的主入口,main entrance from the garden to the interior © Yellow Cloud Studio


The design solution took the form of an elongated capsule window with a stepped cill outlining its shape and hiding the building’s functional elements in its void. A large skylight cuts the capsule window in half and establishes a connection to the living area through the bottom half and cross ventilation of the space through the top. The capsule window also reflects in its shape those brutalist tendencies, but the stained oak timber of its frame reveals a softer approach of the design.

▼胶囊型的窗户与下方的餐厅,elongated capsule window and the dining area below © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼由起居室通过胶囊型窗户看厨房,viewing the kitchen area from the living room through the capsule window © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼胶囊型窗户窗台细部 – 建筑结构隐藏在与窗台等宽的墙面中,capsule window with a stepped cill outlining its shape and hiding the building’s functional elements in its void  © Yellow Cloud Studio


The generous glazed strip continues along the entire space bringing in ample natural light and wraps around the facade, creating a cosy daybed with tall uninterrupted views of the garden. The kitchen, dining and daybed areas are all given a separate unforced presence inside the new space, taking into consideration their usability and the various functions of family life.

▼宽大的玻璃开窗贯穿了整个空间,并延伸到立面上,generous glazed strip continues along the entire space and wraps around the facade, © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼采光带下的休息区,resting area below the glazed strip © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼采光带细部,detail of the glazed strip © Yellow Cloud Studio

除了注重自然采光与空间的质量外,Yellow Cloud Studio事务所还十分重视材料的选用。立面的元素,如褪色的砖与灰色的剖光石膏饰面,也被运用到室内设计中。这些元素与暖色调的橡木木工,沙色石膏以及黄铜构件一起,营造出更为私密的室内氛围,与建筑显得相得益彰。

It is clear that our studio’s proposal focuses on natural light and quality of space, but another major factor of our usual design process is materiality. Elements of the facade such as the pale bricks and the grey polished plaster are brought inside and are paired with warm oak carpentry, sand coloured plaster and brass in a deliberate attempt to have the interior represent a more private version of the same architecture.

▼厨房内的橡木橱柜,水磨石料理台以及带有黄铜构件的灯具,oak cabinetry, terrazzo counters and light fixtures with brass in the kitchen © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼厨房细部,details of the kitchen © Yellow Cloud Studio


Black volumes such as the bespoke terrazzo kitchen island and the dining unit, together with the white ceiling throughout the space are designed to provide the necessary contrast against the palette of natural materiality and therefore intensify the experience of raw, handmade surfaces. The result is a bright, spacious and unique addition to a traditional property that connects the space to its landscape and celebrates the craftsmanship of its materiality.

▼餐厅 –  立面的砖材质同样运用到室内中,dining room with the same pale bricks of the facade © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼室内细部,detail of the interior © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼平面图,plan © Yellow Cloud Studio

▼立面图,facade © Yellow Cloud Studio

Architecture:Yellow Cloud Studio
Construction:H Quality Construction Ltd
Polished Concrete:Fakktory Ltd
Joinery:Stuart Indge
Natural Stones:Diespeker
Tiles :Claybrook
Switches & Sockets Dyke & Dean
Pendant Lights:Bert Frank
Pendant Lights:DCW Editions
Photography:Yellow Cloud Studio

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