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Embedded like a delicate piece of gem on Qingnian Road of Suizhou city, Hubei Province, China, Vine Bar is small bar serving craft beer, fine wine and featured cocktails.

▼室内空间概览,Interior space overview ©直译建筑摄影


The site is 25 meters in depth while only 6 meters in width, making the available space narrow and dark. In order to efficiently use the depth of the space, we set three platforms rising gradually toward the inner end of the site, which help strengthen the awareness of spatial longitude for the entire interior.

▼轴侧图,Axial view ©呐么Lab


Upon the entrance to the interior is the bar counter. The whole counter area is gently yet clearly defined by a high arched wine rack. One side of the rack is the mixing bar and seating area, while the other side is preserved for beer selection.

▼入口纵深,Looking toward interior from the door ©直译建筑摄影

▼回望门口,Looking back toward the entrance ©直译建筑摄影

▼入口拱形储酒架,Arched wine rack at the entrance ©直译建筑摄影

▼吧台,Bar counter ©直译建筑摄影


Passing the counter toward the deeper interior, there is a completely open area for free seating. Long couches are placed against the wall to the left side; round tables and bar chairs are scattered in the middle; and the armchairs are arranged on the right. An enlarged logo of the bar, which takes the pattern of vines, is also projected onto the wall to the right.

▼平台与拱,Platform and arch ©直译建筑摄影

▼散座区,多重层次,Free seating area, multiple-layered space ©直译建筑摄影

▼Logo投影,Logo projection on the wall ©直译建筑摄影


Right adjacent to the free seating area there is a full height round arch. The bottom-left edge of the round arch is bent inward to form an enclosed platform, which is raised 0.6 meters above from the ground. This platform is a small semi-open seating area and it also marks the second level of the interior space. Next to the platform is the aisle, and on the other side of the aisle is an exhibition wall formed naturally by the concaves of different sizes on it to display various art pieces and installations.

▼走道,Aisle ©直译建筑摄影

▼平台散座,Platform for free seating ©直译建筑摄影

▼中层平台,Platform of the second floor ©直译建筑摄影

▼过道层次,Layers on the aisle ©直译建筑摄影

▼过道墙景,Views on side wall along the aisle ©直译建筑摄影


The innermost of the space is a semi-closed private compartment with an eye-catching round window opening towards the outside. With lighting around the edge, the round opening becomes a visual element with the most abundant spirituality of the interior space. The private compartment which is 1.2m above the ground is the highest and most intimate area of the entire space. Together with the enclosed sofa sets, and the wine collection exhibited on the back wall, the room becomes a comfortable area for wine tasting and rest.

▼卡间侧面,One side of private compartment ©直译建筑摄影

▼分层台阶,Layered steps ©直译建筑摄影

▼通过圆窗看向不同空间,Looking back and front from the compartment ©直译建筑摄影

▼卡间摆放酒品展柜,Wine collection cabinet in the private compartment ©直译建筑摄影

▼细节,灯具与纸巾盒,Details, lights and tissue box ©直译建筑摄影

▼外立面,Facade ©直译建筑摄影

▼平面图,Plan ©呐么Lab

▼剖面图A,Section A ©呐么Lab

▼剖面图B,Section B ©呐么Lab


Project: Vine Bar
Project location: Suizhou, Hubei Province, PRC
Project area: 150 ㎡
Design:Name Lab
Design team: Hou Tiantian, Liu Xiaolu, Li Cheng
Lighting design: Ling Junpan
VI design: : Hou Tiantian, Yan anqi
Photography: Archi -Translater
Design period: April, 2019 to May, 2018
Construction period: June, 2018 to July, 2019
Main materials: concrete paints, black board, terrazzo
Contact e-mail:
Wechat Official Account:namelab

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