glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn, China by Yuan Ke design studio

Present the visual tension in the light, material and geometric structure

Project Specs


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Facing the Hun River, the spring flowers bloom. This project standing on the Bank of Hun River was associated with us on a beautiful spring afternoon. In front of the French window is the bright sunny day, the quiet cloudy day, the dense rainy day At the end of autumn and early winter, the plan was implemented as scheduled. Her name is Chunhua Qiushi.

▼室内概览,overall of the project © 袁珂设计工作室


This space is self-sufficient and complete. At the same time, the natural rotation of light in a day or a year leaves a silent time trace and expression of four seasons: there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. Therefore, this sense of space seems to be closed and has more flowing vitality.

▼客厅概览,overall of the living room © 袁珂设计工作室

▼自足圆满的空间效果,This space is self-sufficient and complete © 袁珂设计工作室

▼客厅细部,details of the living room © 袁珂设计工作室


Taking the beauty of its structure and recombining it with modern techniques, the facade of the circular arc arch column leaves a large area of blank in the vision, with the interaction of virtual and real, explicit and implicit, light and shadow. Less material, more texture; less color, more white; less light, more shadow, so the space is hidden, but the light is shaped, the sense of time is extremely weakened, and the sense of space is completely enhanced. All the beautiful empathy seems to be fixed in a moment.

▼餐厅概览,overall of the dining room © 袁珂设计工作室

▼虚与实、显与隐、光与影互相作用,the interaction of virtual and real, explicit and implicit, light and shadow © 袁珂设计工作室


The enclosed dining area is combined with western kitchen to deal with the relationship between space form and furnishings. The built-in light belt in the wine cabinet is like adding a layer of natural soft focus filter in the space, and the romantic atmosphere leaps to the eye. An abstract painting, from the facade of the natural division of space line of sight, will be quiet in the frame, endless joy in the painting.

▼围合式的餐区与西厨相结合,The enclosed dining area is combined with western kitchen © 袁珂设计工作室


The bedroom also has no gorgeous display. The dynamic vision of natural light presents the visual tension in the light, material and geometric structure through the refraction of glass and the fusion and collision of space.

▼卧室概览,overall of the bedroom © 袁珂设计工作室

▼卧室壁柜,The bedroom closet © 袁珂设计工作室

▼卧室细部,details of the bedroom © 袁珂设计工作室

▼衣帽间与卫生间,cloakroom and restroom © 袁珂设计工作室

▼室内细部,details of the project © 袁珂设计工作室

▼分析图,diagram © 袁珂设计工作室

▼平面图,plan © 袁珂设计工作室

▼客餐厅立面图,elevations of the dining-living room © 袁珂设计工作室

▼细部节点,construction details © 袁珂设计工作室

项目设计 & 完成年份:私宅/2021年

Project name:glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn
Design:Yuan Ke design studio
Design year & Completion Year:Private house / 2021
Leader designer & Team:Yuan Ke, Chen Shilin
Project location:Shenyang, Liaoning
Gross Built Area:235 square meters
Clients:Sui Qingyang
Brands / Products used in the projrct:Guinness art paint, Kyle triumph house customization, Hannah flooring

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