GENSHANG Restaurant, Shanghai, China by OFFICE COASTLINE

A welcoming and relax space with gentle sequence.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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For life-style brand “Genshang”, We designed their new tea house on Madang road, downtown of Shanghai. The client wishes to have a place for the slow life in contrast with the daily fast-paced life. We approached the project by making a gentle sequence, from the entrance shop, long tea bar, dining area to the lounge room at the end.

▼餐厅外观,朝向室外道路,external view of the restaurant open to the outdoor street


The project is located on the 1st floor of a commercial complex. The main entrance is set up on the inner side of the shopping complex, framed by copper, another interpretation of their brand color. The door is recessed and open to the side, in order to welcome the guest gently into the shop. The lower display, together with translucent fabric softly hides space behind, and shift the passage to the side.

▼入口,铜色的窗框引人入内,entrance with brand color copper frame, attracting visitors into the space

▼入口展示区和就餐区通过半透明红色布帘分隔,display area at the entrance and dining space are defined by translucent red curtains


The long timber counter, almost takes the full length of the side, serves Chinese tea in the daytime and cocktail at the night. Above the counter, the half-vaulted ceiling with copper pendant lightings creates a cozy atmosphere. Behind the counter, we used uneven wall relief, which gives different expression according to the natural light.

▼长吧台,long counter

▼带有凹凸纹理的墙面随灯光变化,wall with coarse surface changes with the light

▼墙面细部,details of the wall


The main dining space is 4.8m high with exposed ceiling. We designed a table and chairs set like a round cake which can be stood for party or display for an event in the center.

▼开放就餐区,main dining space


The lounge room with vaulted ceiling is located on the deepest place from the main entrance. With folding doors, it suits for activities such as meeting, event and private party.

▼VIP房通过半透明波纹板和主要就餐区隔开,translucent corrugated panels define lounge room from the main dining space

▼VIP房,lounge room

▼VIP房细部,铜色镜子加强空间进深感,details of the lounge room, the copper colored mirror on the wall extends the space feeling

▼平面及立面图,plan and elevations

设计 :一岸建筑
项目地址: 上海环宇荟
完成月年份: 10.2018
面积: 198 sqm
摄影师: Alessandro Wang
主创建筑师: 松下晃士

Project location: uniFANS, Shanghai
Completion month,Year: 10.2018
Area: 198 sqm
Photo credits: Alessandro Wang
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: MATSUSHITA Akihito

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