Fucina in London by AMA

An Italian restaurant constructed carefully with traditional elements, providing a haven in the busy city.

Project Specs


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Admist the typical London environment, Fucina is a haven for refuge from the buzz of the city. The aim was to invent a spacial experience that mirrored the brief architecturally. Using the space to produce a faithful portrait of the Italian taste, AMA resolved the design with a contemporary representation of all the elements that compose the rich Italian culture.

▼砖面天花和彩色玻璃充满意大利风情,brick ceiling and colored glass create Italian atmosphere


独特的“antico mattoni”天花由人工砌制,其弯曲的形状如同倒转过来的传统意大利砖砌拱顶,为餐厅创造出丰富多变的视觉氛围。临街的墙面由钢制骨架内嵌手工彩色玻璃构成,模糊了街道景象,使店内更为安静。木制地板被使用在整个餐厅,其中间以由大理石碎片按“terrazzo cement”边界铺制而成的传统图案,让人不禁联想到Carlo Scarpa的Olivetti大楼。

The unique handmade ‘antico mattoni’ ceiling is formed and warped like an inverted traditional Italian vaulted brick ceiling, creating a visually dynamic atmosphere in this raw and inspiring restaurant. The view of the street is obscured by a floor to ceiling steel framed screen with handmade colored glass infill panels. The floors are hand laid marble chips set into a traditional ‘terrazzo cemento’ borders, reminiscent of Carlo Scarpa’s Olivetti building. Hand ‘decaped’ timber floor finishing flows centrally throughout the restaurant.

▼运用镜子使空间显得更为宽敞,using mirror to enhance feeling of the space


▼玻璃墙面,glass wall


▼手工玻璃模糊街景,street view is obscured by handmade colored glass



▼起伏的天花,warped ceiling

011-fucina_AMA     012-fucina_AMA


Along with brick, marble and timber, burnt steel is dominant and relates back to the name ‘Fucina’ meaning Forge. Traditionally, the forge in Italy not only related to what we know as a fire to heat metal, but also as the traditional kitchen fire for cooking. This has strong connections with artesian process of making. The open fire pit kitchen in the lower ground floor looks through to the chef’s table, with its bubbling steel wall panels and rough brick flooring. The restaurant is made up of 110 dining covers seated on low backed bespoke banquettes and arm chairs on the ground floor, served by a solid carved marble finishing kitchen.

▼大理石厨房台面和木制桌椅,marble finishing kitchen and wooden furniture

010-fucina_AMA     003-fucina_AMA

▼下到底层的楼梯,stairs connecting the lower ground floor


▼钢制墙面的厨房,kitchen with bubbled steel wall



The furniture takes inspiration from the tree – its branches, its roots. The large tables grow from the floor and the chairs are fabricated from refined and machined branches. These elements that we are in contact with, connect us back with the source, our beginning, to enjoy the perfect dining experience.

▼不同材料对比形成丰富的空间效果,different materials creating various space experience



“The underlying theme is the use of prime raw materials, carefully selected in keeping with season and then skillfully turned into works of art in a way that only talented chefs are capable of”

“Organic produce, sustainably sourced and prepared honestly using Italian artisanal techniques”

▼材料和食材均为“有机”,organic materials


Furniture: bespoke designed by AMA
Wall Lights: bespoke designed by AMA
Ironmongery: bespoke designed by AMA
Public Toilets: clad in Black Wood marble panels
Bar Front: solid carved Grigio Altissimo marble
Timber Generally: decaped oak with light smoke nish
Metal Panels: pressed metal panels (lower ground)
Ceiling Finish: hand crafted Italian brick
Wall Finishes: Intonachio plaster nish
Metal Wall Cladding: Hot rolled steel hand nished
Façade Screen: steel and handmade Italian glass
Branding and Uniforms by Superfutures Design Studio, www.superfutures.co.uk
All images credited to Nick Rochowski Photography

English text: AMA
Chinese text: gooood

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