Nursing home, Clichy-Batignolles ecodistrict in Paris by Atelier du Pont

Located at the very center of paris,this project was designed as a whole: as a building, but also in terms of its interior and furniture.

Project Specs


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Formerly a railway enclave, the Clichy-Batignolles ecodistrict is reconquering this forgotten piece of Parisian ground. This major municipal project was envisioned as a response to the elevated need for housing while paving the way for a durable, mixed-use 21st century city. So much data that had to be compiled to come up with smart solutions for a multi-program block (nursing home, social housing, private housing, religious center, and retail businesses). These programs, with their fruitful cohabitation, contribute to the city’s growth with their high quality and symbolic significance. The project provides a strong architectural response to the challenges of urban density and new environmental requirements by creating collective strategies for the entire block.

▼建筑外观,external view

03_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本


The nursing home is located at the very center of the block, which allows its residents to live in the heart of the “city” and benefit from its vitality. The “spiny” facade faces multiple directions and has many diagonal views while nevertheless maintaining a sense of intimacy to the spaces.


05_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本     04_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

▼ 阳台对角线布置,balcony with diagonal setup

02_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

01_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本


Far from the traditional, old-fashioned setup for senior housing complexes, this project was designed as a whole: as a building, but also in terms of its interior and furniture. The rooms, whether they face the city or the patio, all possess an outdoor space and the top floor hosts bedrooms with high comfort.

▼ 建筑内部的露台,patio

07_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

09_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本


12_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

▼ 房间内部,Room

11_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

10_batignolles_ADP_photo Takuji Shimmura 副本

▼卧室轴测图,Chamber Axonometric
ADP_AxoChambreCouleur 副本

▼建筑轴测图,Programme Axonometric

ADP_AxonometrieProgramme 副本

▼总平面,Ground Floor Plan

ADP_RDC-groundfloor 副本

▼三层平面,Third floor Plan

ADP_R+3-thirdfloor 副本


ADP_FacadeEHPAD 副本

Technical specifications

Program: 129 beds nursing home with interior design and furnitures
Clichy Batignolles ecodistrict in Paris
Clients: Orpea
Urban redevelopment company: SPLA Paris Batignolles Aménagement
Architect: Atelier du Pont
Architects project managers : Luc Pinsard, Ariane Rouveyrol
Interior design project manager: Aline Defert
In collaboration with: Jean Bocabeille Architecte (housing, religious center and retail businesses)
Structure engineering: Kephren
Fluids engineering: Alto Ingénierie
Construction economics: Mazet & Associés
Sustainable engineering: Plan02
Landscape designer: Atelier Jours
Surfaces: 6,117 m²
Cost: 13,700,000 € (pre-tax)
Cost of furniture, fittings and kitchen: 2,800,000 € (pre-tax)
Completed in 2015
Photographs: Takuji Shimmura

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