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Caves of Beauty

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水仙之美是北京高端私人精准护肤品牌连锁机构,定位于为高端客户打造私人定制的贴身美容美体解决方案。2018年水仙北京地区同城5店同时升级改造,委托Penda China进行空间升级设计。

As a high-end chain store brand for precision personal skincare in Beijing, Ecnesse is positioned to provide customized beauty and body care solutions for high-end guests. In 2018 when Ecnesse planned to upgrade and renovate its 5 stores in Beijing, it commissioned Penda China to undertake the spatial design of the project.

▼祥云小镇店外观,exterior of the Xiangyun Town store

▼世贸天阶店外观,exterior of The Place store

▼王府井店外观,exterior of the Wangfujing store


项目缘起|Project origin


Women are very conscious of their appearance, but today they concern more about health, elegance and long-lasting charm than mere skin-deep beauty. So naturally, they would not hesitate to invest in the future, such as spending some time on professional skincare. In a casual chat with several girls after dinner about business women and their expectations for life and future, chief architect Wan Shuyan strongly sensed the desire of the client, a gorgeous girl with ambitions, for a professional and aesthetic space to provide all-round beauty care for the guests. Fascinated by this idea, Shuyan decided to take the design project immediately.

▼祥云小镇店、世贸天阶店及王府井店室内概览,interior view of the Xiangyun Town store, The Place store and Wangfujing store


原始状态|Before renovation


Before renovation, the interiors of these stores varied greatly as they had been commercial spaces planned for different trade, with fancy designs and poor daylight. In this context, we decided to make the design simple, transparent, bright and cheerful. After renovation, both the client and guests were amazed that the result went far better than the previous expectation without even a trace of the original design left.

▼设计师希望将改造后的空间做的简单一点、通透一点、明亮一点、快乐一点(图片顺序:祥云小镇店、世贸天阶店及王府井店),designers decided to make the design simple, transparent, bright and cheerful(image sequence: Xiangyun Town store, The Place store and Wangfujing store


创造美丽的洞穴”Caves of beauty


As a brand of its own tone, Ecnesse focuses on service quality and prefers individualized spaces. To create a sense of belonging and safety for the guests, our design concept was originated from caves, the earliest shelter for human beings. We hope the guests will not merely see the monotonous white square ceilings while lying, but be able to make a few head and neck movements when their sight lines follow the curvy lines in the ceiling. We prefer a continuous curve along the spaces, while each independent space can be deemed as an isolated cave where guests can immerse themselves in some unique spatial experience while enjoying beauty care.

▼以洞穴为设计概念(图片顺序:祥云小镇店、世贸天阶店、王府井店),design concept was originated from caves(image sequence: Xiangyun Town store, The Place store

”我们用弧线营造了一种音乐的韵律感,也有一点点神秘色彩,这正是美丽女性带给人们的感觉。“主创之一万书言说。因为原来的空间都很闭塞,自然光也有限。而我们想要创造的洞穴又需要大空间来表现,所以后来加入了很多镜面,让洞穴的连续性更有层次感。”我们五年前第一次在鸿坤美术馆中利用了拱形元素,这几年拱形被到处用,我们就想怎么能把拱形用得更有趣,大家都用,但一看这个还是能分辨出这个是我们的。拱有很多种,但只有一种叫Penda China。当然拱形的洞穴也符合水仙品牌的空间需要,我们也不会强加一个符号“主创孙大勇说。

“We create a sense of rhythm and a little bit mystery with curves, and this is exactly how people feel in the presence of a beauty,” said Wan Shuyan, the chief architect. The previous spaces were much enclosed with limited daylight, while we needed large spaces to realize the cave concept. So we incorporated many mirrors into the design to form continuous and multi-layered caves. “It was five years ago when we first used arch elements in our design for Hongkun Museum of Fine Art. In recent years, arch design were used quite often, so we were thinking how to make our arch design more meaningful and recognizable among those many. Arch design comes in many forms but only one deserves the name Penda China. Of course, arch-shaped caves should also meet the spatial needs of the brand, and in no way would we ever force any redundant symbol in design,” said the chief architect Sun Dayong.

▼加入镜面让洞穴的连续性更有层次感(祥云小镇店),designers incorporated many mirrors into the design to form continuous and multi-layered caves( Xiangyun Town store)


温柔的女性色彩|Gentle feminine color


The beauty industry is, almost completely, oriented towards females, and Ecnesse, likewise, serves mostly female guests. For this reason, we choose pink color series for the design of spaces, hoping to break the traditional concept of the monotonous white spaces in beauty shops. With arch design in pink spaces, people would feel less distanced from the space, creating a unique sense of safety and belonging.For such spaces, some guests stay quite a long time for skincare and a relaxing atmosphere is created via materials and colors in design. Beauty is a popular topic among women, so we referenced the future trend into consideration, and it so happened that our choice coincides with the fashion color trend of this year.

▼设计的空间选用了粉色系的色彩体系(图片顺序:1-3祥云小镇店,4-5王府井店),designers choose pink color series for the design of spaces(image sequence: 1-3 Xiangyun Town store, 4-5 Wangfujing store)


不同材质间的对话|A dialogue between different materials


To strengthen continuity within limited spaces of the stores, some of which are inside the shopping mall, mirrors are installed on some walls to enrich the spaces through reflection and facilitate interactions between people and spaces, creating unpredictable spaces just like Escher’s. Understanding and analysis of guests’ needs is essential for spatial upgrading. Based on successful brand positioning in the past and customer analysis, the architect developed some design principles. The first is to rationally organize spaces and functions, and integrate and interconnect the multi-purpose spaces. For example, the previous open lobby can be incorporated with bar, lounge and nail beauty etc., where guests can learn, rest and relax, and have some new experience more than beauty care services.

▼空间中不同材质的对话(祥云小镇店),a dialogue between different materials(Xiangyun Town store)

▼空间功能的合理划分,以及多功能空间的整合连接(图片顺序:王府井店,祥云小镇店),designers rationally organize spaces and functions, and integrate and interconnect the multi-purpose spaces(image sequence: Wangfujing store, Xiangyun Town store




The last but not the least, consistency matters for branding. Despite of varied sizes and locations, Ecnesse stores maintain a consistent brand logo and design style. Meanwhile, the design of each store is customized to ensure rational daylight and comfortable spaces. Repeated core elements serve as a formal language to strengthen people’s impression on the brand and enhance visual recognizability. This is also part of the branding strategy. Thanks to the above analysis and considerations, spatial upgrading for Ecnesse was well received by both the client and guests. The upgraded spaces injected more vigor into the brand, offering refreshing experience to guests and enhancing the sense of pride among the staff. This is exactly what the design objective had aimed at, i.e. to influence and change people’s behavior through the spaces for a better life in future.

▼由于每个店面的面积不同、位置不同,每一家店都要延续品牌的标识,所以每一家店都针对性的量身打造(世贸天阶店),despite of varied sizes and locations, Ecnesse stores maintain a consistent brand logo and design style. Meanwhile, the design of each store is customized to ensure rational daylight and comfortable spaces(The Place store)




Beauty shops are places for relaxation, so the design should be conducted in a relaxed manner. They also represent the guests’ pursuit for beauty, especially female guests, so the spaces can be designed with some surreal and imaginative elements. For this project, lighting is a particularly important factor and gentle indirect lighting is preferred in this case. Level difference should be avoided as this may cause inconvenience for beauty technicians, mostly girls, to frequently move around the beauty equipment. Besides, the sight line of women should also be well designed in circulation design and planning. Women’s desire for beauty can be interpreted in big picture terms or small details, just like how they select high heels. This means there is no such one-for-all design standard in terms of women’s aesthetic preferences. What matters most is to find out their needs and to provide warm, delicate and somewhat imaginative spaces for them.

▼洗手间(王府井店),bathroom(Wangfujing store)

设计公司:Penda China / 槃达中国
PROJECTNAME: Shui xian high-end chain store brand
DESIGNER: Sun dayong, Wan shuyan
PROJECTTEAM: Zhang yi, Zhu yue…

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