Double Core by Create+Think Design Studio

Family residence with two linear living spaces

Project Specs


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The base is located in the center of Taipei City, 20 storeys high, 17 meters wide, with six meters wide French windows and balconies, seven meters wide half-waist windows, providing a bird’s eye view of the outdoor window view; looking south, you can see the mountain ranges of the Taipei Basin .



Core I “书房是线形空间的轴心”
Core I “The study room is the axis of linear space”


Along the window is the living space, the study, the master bedroom, and the wooden floor with herringbone to connect the adjacent window space to form a linear space;


▼人字拼木质地板把靠窗的空间串连起来,the wooden floor with herringbone pattern connects the spaces alone the window


On one side, the metal frame glass revolving door is arranged in a deliberately irregular arrangement to connect with the living space. The travertine book wall is like a spatial end view at both ends of the space. The sail imagery is connected with the ceiling, and the furniture is arranged in a staggered orderly manner. The design elements and lines create a casual atmosphere like a yacht.

▼金属框玻璃旋转门与起居空间连结,the metal frame glass revolving door is arranged in a deliberately irregular arrangement to connect with the living space

▼从起居室望向书房,view to the study room from the living room

▼书房一端的洞石书墙,the travertine book wall in the study room

▼起居室一端的洞石书墙,the travertine book wall in the living room


On the other side, the sliding door is connected with the master bedroom. When the sliding door is opened, it is connected with the living space to form a 17-meter wide width facing the south of the city. The largest amount of light and scenery can thus be introduced, which can be shared in the whole room. Lying in the bed by the side of the window has exclusive views of the city and the mountains surrounding the basin.

▼书房一侧与主卧连结,the study room is connected with the master bedroom

▼主卧室内部,master bedroom

▼主卧朝向城市景观和山峦景色,the bedroom has exclusive views of the city and the mountains surrounding the basin

▼主卧浴室,master bathroom

▼地面细部,floor detail


Core II“中岛厨房是家庭的核心”
Core II “Kitchen island is the core of the family”


There is another linear space below the window line space. The kitchen island is located in the center. The family who loves cooking can perform their duties in this area and complete a meal together. This is the core position and behavior of the family’s feelings; around the island is a dark wood cabinet with cooking-related storage functions. The U-shaped kitchen surrounds the kitchen island, and the entrance cloakroom of the rough stone skin separates the two spaces.

▼中岛厨房位于第二个线性空间的中央,the kitchen island is located in the center of the other linear space

▼餐厨空间,dining area and kitchen

▼厨房台面细部,detailed views



On the other side, there is a shared bathroom with a dark veneer wall extending inward into the bedroom separated by two sliding doors to form an independent bathroom for bedroom design. Since it is located toward the edge of the large space, therefore, the color tone can be liberally applied with colorful colors for the living space of children.

▼厨房一侧与公用浴室相连,the kitchen is connected to a shared bathroom

▼浴室内部,bathroom interior view


▼儿童生活空间,children’s room


“Living with outdoor view everywhere”


The superb landscape is a clue to the initial imagination of the space. I hope that any behavior in life can form a dialogue with the outdoor landscape, whether it is in the living space along the window, the master bedroom space or the second floor of the kitchen space, with family members together or alone. Enjoy your good life with the superb outdoor view !

▼户外景观与生活时刻相伴,the superb outdoor view is always associated with daily life

▼设计示意图,design concept


案名:Double Core
设计公司:创研空间 Create+Think Design Studio
(室内面积: 172.2平方公尺;景观阳台面积:9.5平方公尺;工作阳台:11.4平方公尺)
主要材料: 石皮,洞石,实木皮,铁件,玻璃,海岛型木地板,进口石英砖

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