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Stands seamlessly connect with the ceiling

Project Specs


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Operated by an experienced Japanese bakery master, Fujio aims at building a high-end Japanese Bakery brand in China. Its first flagship store sits at the premium shopping mall K11 under the iconic landmark Guangzhou East Tower. In line with the ambitious business strategy, the interior shall have a powerful space identity that distinguishes itself from the surroundings and competitors. Also, it shall have the potential to evolve into the unique branding DNA of Fujio which could be applied to other branches. As the result, a firm connection between the brand and the space identity is built. In addition, the impressive space experience may trigger customers to take photos and then share with friends on social media which increases the brand’s public exposure.

▼面包店概览,view of the bakery


Instead of the traditional way of putting bread behind the glass, the client prefers to show them directly in front of the customers without any cover. This new method of bread display has been widely accepted in Europe and Japan, but rarely in China. By applying the innovation, people would have a refreshing and intimate shopping experience.

▼不使用传统玻璃柜的陈列方式,display the bread without traditional glass cover


▼室内设计以传统日式屋顶形态为原型,design was inspired by the traditional Japanese roof

▼层层叠叠的展示台,display stands in multiple layers


To achieve above mentioned visions, the design concept of Fujio Bakery was conceived: a unique modular system with stacked up units that forms the display stands and gradually evolves into the ceiling. Different from traditional interior design, the interior space was considered as one single piece of installation seamlessly wrapping the whole space. The design impresses people visually and fulfills the function needs of presenting breads. The design of the installation module was inspired by the traditional Japanese cityscape composed of layers of tile roofs. The natural pine wood is the main material of the installation against which the bread looks more delicious.

▼面包店屋顶,ceiling of the bakery

▼展示柜台与屋顶相连,display stands seamlessly connect with the ceiling


Furthermore, through a proscenium-like opening, customers can watch the skilled bakers working inside the kitchen at the far end side of the space as if they are performing on a theater stage.

▼镜框舞台式的厨房,kitchen as a theater stage

▼轴测,axonometric drawing




Project Name: Fujio Japanese Bakery at K11 Guangzhou
Area: 74㎡
Location: K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou
Year: 2018
Client: Guangzhou Fujio Bakery Co. Ltd.
Lead Designer: Jason Guo
Design Team: Flora Wang, Zhanjun Wen, Xin Jin
Lighting Designer: Lighting Space Design
Photographer: Jason Guo
Materials: Pine Wood, Aluminum Alloy, Mirror, Self-Leveling Flooring

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