DOE Store in Shanghai, China by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

A combination of street culture and interior space design

Project Specs


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项目位于上海太平湖畔,企业天地无限极荟的一层。DOE作为上海本土街头潮流文化的风向标,兼具怀旧与新潮,复古与现代,特立独行等特质。空间的设计从DOE品牌文化中的“Street Culture”出发,引入街道与城市的概念,打破室内外的边界,将室内空间开放给城市,也将城市景观引入室内。外立面的设计,保留了原建筑的玻璃外幕墙,同时在立面上增开了通高的玻璃移门。当玻璃门打开时,DOE店内和城市街道,形成了相对开放的对话关系。

This project is located on the first floor of Infinitus Tower by the shoreline of Taiping Lake in Shanghai. As the weathervane of street fashion, DOE represents non-comformist qualities, being both classic and trendy, vintage and modern. Based on the Street Culture branding of DOE, the design of the store introduces the concept of street and city. As the store opens up to the street, bringing in urban landscape, the boundary between inside and outside is dissolved. The facade preserves the original glass curtain wall with an addition of a glass sliding door that goes to the top. When the glass door is open, the interior of the store is in conversations with the street. 

▼店铺外观:当玻璃门打开时,店内和城市街道形成了对话关系,exterior view: when the glass door is open, the interior of the store is in conversations with the street


The spotlight of the design is the Central Box. The street-facing steps that liken the grandstand of a stadium enjoys good views and light. Behind the grandstand stands a movable box, the walls of which can flip or slide open to reveal the inside depending on needs. The movable box provides flexible space for events. 

▼坐落在中心的可活动方盒子,the Central Box with movable walls

▼盒子内部,internal view

▼墙体可通过翻起,推拉等方式,将整个盒子完全打开,the walls can flip or slide open to reveal the inside depending on needs

▼方盒子上的展示空间,displaying area in the box


The left side of the store is an L-shape wooden roof, under which stand a cement cashier counter, a coffee bar, a magazine stand and steel-wrapped fitting rooms, which look like a big metal box. The mixed use of materials creates a street like experience. On the right side, a grey brick wall has installed wooden checker shelves for product display. Shoes sit on the protruding shelves, while cloths lay on the receding shelves inside the wall. The irregularity between protrusion and recession mimics the building facades in streetscape. Part of the shoe wall functions as both storage and exhibition spaces, meeting different needs for events.

▼L型的半边房檐下方是咖啡吧和收银台,the cashier counter and a coffee bar are arranged under the L-shape wooden roof

▼试衣间被设计为金属材质的独立盒子,the fitting rooms are designed as steel-wrapped boxes

▼鞋墙兼具了收纳和展示的功能, part of the shoe wall functions as both storage and exhibition spaces


The interior design of DOE is a continuation of urban spaces, combining street culture with interior space. The design breaks traditional boundaries, and spatially initiates discourse on urban living and lifestyle.

▼如同球场看台般的大台阶面朝街道, the street-facing steps liken the grandstand of a stadium

▼方盒子轴测图(闭合), axon of the Central Box (closed)

▼方盒子轴测图(打开), axon of the Central Box (open)


项目名称: 上海DOE
项目所在地: 上海 企业天地 一楼
项目类型: 店铺
建筑师: 青山周平,藤井洋子,杨易欣 , 陶奕 / B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所
业主: DOE
规模: 一层
总建筑面积: 270平米
设计周期: 12.2016 – 03.2017
施工周期: 04.2017 – 06.2017
摄影师: Eiichi Kano
Project Name: DOE Store in Shanghai
Project Location: 1F Of Qiye Tiandi, Shanghai, China
Element Store
Architects: Shuhei Aoyama,Yoko Fujii, Yixin Yang,Yi Tao / B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio
Client: DOE
Size: 1th Floor
Building Area: 270 ㎡
Design Period: 12.2016-03.2017
Construction Period: 04.2017-06.2017
Photography Credit: Eiichi Kano

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