Lijiang Back and Forward Boutique Hotel in China by NTYPE

Elegant hotel near the Snowberg remaining the unique structure of traditional building.

Project Specs


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The hotel is located in Lijiang ancient town, Yunnan province China. The building is under protection of Lijiang heritage due to its old and particular wood structure, but for a few times along the history the building had been renovated with interventions transforming its original layout and configurations. One of the main aims of the design is to bring back as much as possible the original layout, which initially was organized by a central yard with four others, making it a typical 5 courtyard house, however due to the previous renovation and alterations it was reduced to only 2 yards.

▼酒店围绕天井布置,大堂开敞明亮。Arrange the plan around the central courtyard, creating an open and bright lobby.


All the original wood structures got kept as well as the only original façade screen doors in the lobby and in the restaurant. Other façades are required to be wood screens too so a new design of wood screens is created with opening geometry resembling the traditional, and especially the most valuable – the so called multilayer screen, with its superimposed layers of wood creating a three dimensional sense. In the new design although the screens are single layer sliding doors, once being open or close they create a modern and dynamic version of the traditional multilayer screens, also casting elegant sun light and shadows into the rooms, and the inverse effect during the night from the interior light.

▼保留木结构,立面木屏风上的图案来自于当地民族传统。Remain the wooden structure. The patterns on the wood screens are inspired by the local tradition.

▼餐厅,光线透过木屏风上的图案形成独特效果。Restaurant with unique shadow effect created by light through the wood screens.


The façade is with dark color to be as similar as possible to the ancient houses in Lijiang, while the interior wood is in natural color to give the users a warm feeling. Besides wood, other natural materials such as marble and mud are used in the interior, and some of the rooms have wood frame patterns to echo the façade design.

▼客房,采用颜色温暖的木材,墙面图案和木屏风相呼应。Warm colored wooden structures are used in the guest rooms with wall decorations corresponding to the patterns of the wooden screens.


The other challenge for design was to achieve a balance among the quantity of the required rooms, the comfort of a modern boutique hotel, the fixed ancient wood structures and space. The design result is that the layout of all 11 rooms is all different, making each one of them a unique experience, some having bathtubs with special views, others with outdoor seats under traditional roofs facing waterscape, some can be open towards its own private yard with protected old bamboo…

▼不同的客房平衡结构,光影和景观,形成不同特点。Guest rooms with different features are created by balancing the structure, light and scenery.

▼木屏风在房间中留下斑驳的光影。The wooden screens create impressive light and shadow effects in the rooms.


Regarding the design of the public areas, as most of the rooms are located in the front part of the hotel, a central circulation surrounded by water scape is created to release the corridor space under the roofs to be outdoor sitting areas of each room – a transition between interior and exterior, in the meantime more privacy is provided for the rooms. A local light color monochromatic stone is used on the exterior floor, reminding people of the snow mountains nearby, together with the water helping to bring the sun light into the ground floor rooms.

▼前区中庭,采用浅色石材,为客房和大厅提供充足的采光。Light colored stone material is used in the courtyard in the front part of the hotel, bringing sufficient sunshine into the interior spaces.

▼夜晚,灯光透过木屏风,形成独特的光影效果。During night, light goes through the wooden screens with patterns, providing impressive shadow effects.


In the back side of the hotel, there are a few protected trees which are all kept, the new plants and landscape design is integrated to emphasize the protected trees.

▼酒店后区,树木被保留,植被丰茂。In the back part of the hotel, trees are remained with additional vegetation.

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

设计:NTYPE 一质
项目建筑师: Joao Lemos, 杨洋
团队:Fabio Paulo, Henrique Narciso, 周灰灰
摄影:Joao Lemos © 版权所有 NTYPE一质

Designed by NTYPE 一质
Project Architects: Joao Lemos, Yang Yang
Team: Fabio Paulo, Henrique Narciso, Zhou Huihui
Location: Lijiang China
Site Area: 938m2
GFA: 703m2
Project Time: 2017
Photography by Joao Lemos © all rights reserved NTYPE一质

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