Cobra Lily, China by hcreates

Designed around a mysterious femme fatale

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Cobra Lily餐厅将亚洲各地当地知名小吃重新打造,在保留其特色及风味的同时并以更高端餐饮体验的形式呈现给大家。本设计理念将以Cobra Lily打造成为富有神秘魅力的“Femme fatale”(致命美人)聚集的高端场所为中心。这里是她最喜欢的日常休闲场所,不管白天或夜晚你都可以在这里找到她的身影。

Cobra Lily is a Pan-Asian restaurant and bar located in Shanghai’s popular Xintandi complex. Designed around a mysterious femme fatale, the design is a journey through her day and the places she hangs out. 


▼俯瞰双层高的中庭空间,aerial of the double-height atrium

本设计理念为餐厅的各个区域赋予各自不同的设计风格以呈现Cobra Lily神秘莫测的致命吸引力。做为历史文化遗产建筑融入现有的建筑群是至关重要的,巧妙设计并运用现有空间的角角落落为本设计的成功关键之处。本设计让客人在就餐过程中通过酒吧,餐厅甚至于洗手间的不同设计元素去体验“Femme fatale”(致命美人)的日常生活,从而更加引起对她的好奇并更深地被吸引到她的神秘世界: Cobra Lily。

The original early 1900’s decorative Chinese archways have been kept creating a secret alleyway. Opening into this alleyway you discover the bar and lounge area. A two-storey atrium complete with a floating DJ booth creates a dramatic entrance. Lounge and dining areas sprouting from this area to form intimate pockets of dining space. Upstairs diners nestled in the top of the atrium look down over the lounge and bar area. The bathrooms are positioned at the end of a long dark corridor with secret agent themes. Raw concrete mixed with sleek finishes create an upmarket urban chic in a relaxed setting. 

▼设计旨在以不同的设计风格呈现Cobra Lily神秘莫测的吸引力,the design is a journey through a mysterious femme fatale’s  day and the places she hangs out

▼透过混凝土墙上的窗洞望向酒吧区,the bar area seen through the rough concrete wall

▼吧台,bar area


▼一层就餐区,dining area on the lower level

▼卡座细部,detail of the seating area

▼二层就餐区,dining area on the upper floor

▼洗手间,wash room

▼楼梯间,stair well



▼餐厅外观,exterior view

项目名称:Cobra Lily
设计师:Hannah Churchill
摄影师:Seth Powers
Name of the project: Cobra Lily
Location of the project (city/country at places): Shanghai, China
Category on Retail Design Blog: Hotels and Restaurants
Name of contact person: Hadleigh Churchill
Email of contact person:
Mobile/phone number of contact person: +86 13916455324
Name of designer or designer office: Hannah Churchill | hcreates
Link of designer or designer office website:
Designer or designer office based in (country): Shanghai, China
Name and website of photographer: Seth Powers

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