M2 Tourist Terminal at Bailian Jing, Shanghai by Original Design Studio

Darning the breaking point of the waterfront public space

Liuhe Commercial Street Of Shanghai No.1 Shopping Center, China by Original Design Studio

Build the new towards the old

Meet in the Trees-Like Pavilions: WEDESIGN Sharing Space in CAUP, Shanghai, China by Original Design Studio, TJAD

The free will to growth and to prosperity like trees.

The Posthouse of Yangshupu – Ren Ren Wu, China by Original Design Studio/TJAD

To evoke people’s retrospect and consciousness of the city’s riverside history

Hui Jian Community Centre Drilling and Mining Factory Theatre Renovation, China by Original Design Studio/TJAD

A memorial work to the 5. 12 Wenchuan earthquake

Demonstration Section of Yangpu Riverside Public Space by Original Design Studio

Returning the riverside to all citizens: creating Shanghai’s longest public open space by completing the connectivity of 45km’s riversides of Huangpu River.

Fan Zeng Art Gallery, Jiangsu, China / Original Design Studio

Making modern creations under ancient rules

Starbucks Coffee at UBPA, Shanghai, China / Original Design Studio

Looking for unification among complication

Power Station of Art ,ShangHai by Original Design Studio

A well-functioning and artistic public platform.