The Landscape Scheme of Shenzhen Natural History Museum, China by B+H Architects & 3XN & Zhubo consortium

A robust new River Delta

The Klimatorium – Denmark’s new climate center by 3XN + SLA

Wooden “wave” floating on the facade

B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design selected to design the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum

B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design were recently awarded first place in an international design competition for the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum

The new North Wing extension to Copenhagen’s largest hospital by LINK + 3XN + Sweco

A new hospital designed according to today and could change for the future.

3XN’s cutting-edge design for Sydney Fish Market gets the final go-ahead

The largest fish market in the southern hemisphere is envisioned as a major public and cultural destination and an icon for Sydney

cube berlin by 3XN

Europe’s Next Generation Smart Office

gooood Interview NO.24 – Kim Nielsen

Architecture shapes behavior

Olympic House by 3XN + IttenBrechbühl

Movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and collaboration

 Copenhagen’s 3XN Architects to Build New Multipurpose Arena in Munich

New landmark of Munich fitting into the Olympic Park.

Olympic House To Open In Lausanne by 3XN and IttenBrechbühl

(The project is advanced due to the text updates) Movement, flexibility and sustainability.