Biombombastic by elii

Many houses in one

Project Specs


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The purpose of this project is to renew an old flat in the centre of Madrid to turn it into a transformable space.The project hinges around two complementary strategies. Firstly, an open space is configured, and the whole programme is grouped and arranged around an L-shaped band on two sides. This band includes the access to the household, the outer façade windows, a folding bed, the storage space, a complete kitchen, a fold-down auxiliary table, access to the bathroom and the washing machine. It optimises the spatial distribution and compacts all the functions so that everyday activities can benefit from as much space as possible, all the while adapting to the geometry of the apartment. Secondly, a fitted screen on one of the sides can be deployed from the wall to create different domestic arrangements, by closing the bedroom, the kitchen or dividing the house into two.

▼室内一览,interior view

▼一个厨房,可折叠的桌子,浴室的入口集合于此,a complete kitchen, a fold-down auxiliary table, access to the bathroom

▼整个屏风用木制栏杆来构造,结合可折叠的铰链设备以及照明设备协同工作,wooden rails serve to construct the whole with the attachment points for the screen and the lighting of the spaces


▼屏风创造出不同使用空间,screens create different Spaces for use

▼空间分隔说明,space separation description

Wooden rails serve to construct the whole. They are the attachment points for the screen and establish the lighting of the spaces.The screen works in unison with hinged and foldable devices and with the lighting to configure a flexible space that serves to alter the ‘domestic stages’ (as if it were a ‘domestic theatre’) with simple operations, turning one house into a multiplicity of homes

▼房间的屏风展开后分隔出厨房与起居室空间,after the screen opens, separate the kitchen and living room space

▼部分不透明和部分半透明的组合而成屏风,可以让光线渗透,its materials, partly opaque and partly translucent, allow light to flow from one space to another

▼屏风关闭形成一个空间,展开折叠桌形成看书空间,unfold the folding table to form a reading space,the screen closes to form a space


▼在(开或闭)不同状态下的屏风创造出的卧室空间,bedroom space created by screens in different states

▼该住宅满足居住者每天不同的生活需求,the house meets the inhabitants’ different daily needs

1.One space, many spaces. Biombombastic is as surprising as the paper of an origami figure. One simple surface is folded and unfolded depending on the domestic configuration to adapt to the everyday life of its inhabitants.
2.Black box. Biombombastic is part of a series of transformable occupational proposals that have been developed by elii. In these proposals, the inside of the households is configured as a small domestic theatre (#domestictheater): small black boxes where every day is enjoyed within a different stage. Every house is a theatre.
3.Experiments with oneself. Blackboxing domestic spaces serves to rehearse, test, experiment and prototype experiences, habits, relationships and everyday life.Every day is a rehearsal.
4.Open or closed, but continuous. The screen is a physical separation, but its materials, partly opaque and partly translucent, allow light to flow from one space to another. Divisions that allow continuity.

▼构成轴测图,the house axon

▼平面图, plan

Architects: elii -Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios
Team: Pedro P. García, Alicia García, Ana López, Claire Laborde
Construction: Dionisio Torralba Construcciones
Carpentry: Alfredo Merino Caldas
Photography: Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero
Size: 24.90m2
Date: 2015
Location: Madrid

More:elii 。更多关于他们:elii on gooood

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