A5 apart, Israel by RAZ MELAMED. ARCHITECT

Harmonic getaway they hoped for in the heart of the city

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这座70平米工作室公寓的主人希望在Tel Aviv的Neve Tzedek历史街区创造一个现代化的避世乐园。这座被遗弃闲置多年的建筑包括了一系列的小棚屋,构成了一座黑暗而杂乱的迷宫,倾斜的墙截断了整个空间。建筑需要一个彻底的改造方案,但是由于其处于历史街区,外墙的保护工作也是需要特别关注的部分。

The owners of this 70-square-meters studio apartment wished to create an modern getaway for themselves in the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The property, closed and derelict for years, was comprised of a patchwork of shacks that were joined together to create a dark and disjointed maze with a hidden patio. A slanted wall truncated the entire space. The property needed a thorough renovation, but its location in the historic neighborhood required a careful work of preservation and protection of its outer shell.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Amit Geron


After years of neglect, the asset needed first to be thoroughly cleaned. Its infrastructure was then replaced, as well as the rotted beams supporting its roof. Situated at street level, the asset suffered from repeated flooding in the past. The affected walls were fixed and the entire property was sealed in order to prevent repeated water damage. This was done without changing the exterior facades or the building’s hight, as required by the preservation authorities. In keeping with the DNA of the neighborhood, two steel rails were chosen to support and strengthen the exterior wall in the patio.

▼面向庭院的两个方向都设置了大片的玻璃窗,An intersection of vitrine windows to the patio on two fronts ©Amit Geron


“We extenuated the horizontal and vertical axes (Cardo and Decumanus), and divided the interior into four rectangular spaces: sleeping area, living room, kitchen and patio,” says Melamed.

▼起居室,livingroom ©Amit Geron

▼起居室&厨房,livingroom&kitchen ©Amit Geron

▼从厨房看尽端卧室,Look at the bedroom from the kitchen ©Amit Geron

面向庭院的两个方向都设置了大片的玻璃窗,比利时风格的枢轴窗使建筑面向其明亮庭院的同时也保持了一定的私密性。Melamed 为面向街道的窗户选择了当地典型的木制百叶保证良好的空气流通,将室内空间开放,保持建筑的通透性并将盥洗室隐藏在厨房区域的背后。

An intersection of vitrine windows to the patio on two fronts, and Belgian style pivot windows between the sleeping and kitchen areas allowed centering the property around its well lit patio, while protecting it from the outside gaze for added privacy. Melamed chose wooden shutters typical of the neighborhood for the windows facing the street, and kept the interior open, allowing airflow and a clear line of sight between all the spaces of the interior. In order to further maintain the open plan in the interior, the bathroom was hidden behind a door in the kitchen.

▼比利时风格的枢轴窗使建筑面向其明亮庭院的同时也保持了一定的私密性,Belgian style pivot windows between the sleeping and kitchen areas allowed centering the property around its well lit patio ©Amit Geron

▼卧室,sleeping area ©Amit Geron

▼通透的室内空间,Transparent indoor space ©Amit Geron


In order to create a clean yet cosy modern space, Melamed chose a gray color palette, as well as natural substances and exposed raw materials. Polished concrete flooring were laid in the interior as well as the patio. Gray tiles were chosen for the bathroom, and the woodwork in the kitchen and the bedroom was also painted gray. The island in the kitchen was dyed black to create a focal point in the space and to match the black granite countertop that was chosen above it. The Belgian-styled ironwork that was incorporated in the pivot partitions, the doors to the patio and the windows, received a coat of coal black. Wooden furniture and greenery in the patio completed the picture and finally provided the owners with the harmonic getaway they hoped for in the heart of the city.

▼庭院,patio ©Amit Geron

Project name:A5
Location:Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Photographer:Amit Geron


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