An intimate and free space for exploring multi-dimensional social interactions

Project Specs


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“No man is an island, entire of itself.” This is especially true in the current information age. In fact, interpersonal relationships are being estranged under the trend of resource sharing and interconnection of all things.



The project is a social communication space featuring immersive scenes, which tries to explore a purer and more spontaneous state of human beings in the urban context full of vigilance and alienation. Via the interlaced interfaces of perception, intuition and behavior consciousness, it triggers people to think about the coexistence between people and themselves and others in a most free manner.

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view


▼模块化座椅系统示意图,由沿街面延伸至室内,diagram of the modular sitting system that extends from the street level to the interior

Located in Futian District, the heartland of Shenzhen which gathers lots of business elites, the tea drink store serves as a unique semi-public social territory. The modular sitting system extends from the street level to the interior, leading pedestrians to enter and explore the space. The simplistic light-colored floor is in contrast to the sculptural ceiling, and the artistic decorative painting adds a finishing touch to the wall.

▼用餐区局部,地板与天花形成对比,艺术装饰画为墙面增添点睛之笔,partial view of the dining space, the floor is in contrast to the ceiling, and the artistic decorative painting adds a finishing touch to the wall


Natural emerald green sets the overall tone of the space. It’s a color mixing blue and green, which delivers a clear sense of purity and has a striking visual impact. Besides, the major hue also fits into the natural and healthy tea drinking concept, well conveys the warmth and vision of the brand, and injects vitality into the space with a symbolic meaning of revival.

▼用餐空间局部,采用天然祖母绿作为空间主色调,partial view of the dining space, natural emerald green sets the overall tone of the space


The designers attempted to break conventional spatial languages and commercial space layout by creating a dynamic spatial sequence with diversified circulations. The densely arranged tables and chairs with low seating surfaces are helpful to shorten the distance between people. The free combination of sitting modules enables people to sit face to face, back to back or around, which also ensures privacy and openness and hence provides favorable conditions for multi-dimensional social communication.

▼用餐空间局部,采用高密度、低坐面的桌椅,partial view of the dining space with the densely arranged tables and chairs with low seating surfaces

▼用餐空间局部,座椅采用模块化的自由组合形式,partial interior view of the dining space with the free combination of sitting modules


On the geometric interfaces covered with wood, terrazzo and stainless steel, the soft red spheres with infinite forms infuse random uncertainty and flexibility into the physical space dominated by squares. Such design artistically reflects the philosophy of human relations. We come across various people throughout life. When turning around, we may become friends, while we would be strangers if just brushing past each other. This space, like a unique emotional container, carries known or unknown memories to meet us.

▼从用餐空间看收银操作区,软性的红色球体为方形为主的物理空间注入随机的不确定性,viewing the checkout counter and operation space from the dining space, the soft red spheres infuse random uncertainty and flexibility into the physical space dominated by squares

▼室内空间局部,使用木质、水磨石与不锈钢等材料,partial of the interior space with wood, terrazzo and stainless steel

▼室内空间细节,interior details

▼平面布置图,layout plan

▼收银柜台爆炸轴测分析图,diagram of the exploded axon of the checkout counter

项目地点:深圳 福田

Project name: BENSE E TEA
Location: Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Category: commercial space
Area: 60㎡
Design firm: ONE DESIGN
Chief designer: Huson Tao
Interior design: Luo Weiwei, Luo Wenliang, Liu Qihong, Yin Yongxian, Lin Wuyuan
Decoration design: Li Xiaocong, Huang Qiuping
Engineering consultant: Zeng Yujun
Completion time: April 2019
Main materials: faux-wood metal panels (PANACHE), stainless steel (YUFENG), lacquer spray (used on aluminum tubes), terrazzo (supplied by Blue Building Materials Co., Ltd.), ceramic tiles (KITO), paint (Benjamin Moore), lighting fixtures (Geosheen)
Video: Li Haifeng
Photos: Feng Jian

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