Pine Flat by A6A

Wood, warm and height.

Project Specs


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▼室内一览,overall view of the interior

Located on the 4th floor of a nineteenth building, we are surprised at the end of the ascent and it is towards the natural light of day that we must go to access “the pine flat”. The little front door almost stolen suggests a welcoming corridor that sets the tone of wood and space.

The ceiling height, offered by the layout of the apartment under the eaves, allows a double dimension spacious and warm to the living room. The adjustments of the platforms, partitions, doors and storage pine plywood offer a variety of volumes for this small flat to the surface of 50m2 optimized.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

首先,一大片木制平台将人引入公寓。看向室外,两种建筑叙事形成鲜明对比:一侧是Ravez大街上建于17世纪的圣保罗教堂的钟楼,立面由青铜色的石材组成;一侧是Palais des Sport,一座由玻璃和混凝土组成的建于60年代的野兽主义建筑,最近刚完成翻新。木制平台贯穿整个室内,提供了大空间储物柜以及内嵌的床和沙发。

A large platform runs along the apartment in its lowest part and provides access to the view. From the rooftops, there is a contrast of two architectural stories: the bell tower of the Saint Paul church of Ravez street built in 17th century blond stone faces the roof of the Palais des Sport, a recently renovated glass and concrete work from the brutalist movement of the 60s. The platform, as spine, offers deep storage and allows the embedding of the sofa and the bed of the room.

▼入口,木制平台将人引入室内,entrance with a wooden platform leading people into the flat


The color and roundness of the veined patterns of the wood contrast harmoniously with the white of the beams, walls and ceilings and the different gray of the kitchen. Stainless steel doors at the front and back of the island allow storing dishes, utensils and groceries. The sink and hobs are positioned on a useful band that leaves a linear for a worktop covered with a varnished concrete. On the west side, the height windows let the light bathes the apartment.

▼木板和白墙形成对比,混凝土台面的中岛厨房设在房屋一侧,wood contrasts with the white wall, kitchen island with concrete worktop on one site of the space


From here you can access two openwork doors with small round openings acting as handles. One offers a storefront in the refrigerator, the other provides access to the bathroom that reminds of a boat cabin. On a wooden wall, a ladder gives access to an alcove that accommodates a bed for two people.

▼冰箱和卫生间藏在木板后,上方凹室设有双人床,refrigerator and bathroom hidden behind the wooden doors, alcove above provides a bed for two people


Always from the living room, a double wooden door opens onto the bedroom. The platform that surrounds the bed becomes night tables, library and support for green plants. The dressing room always made of pine plywood is simply closed with white curtains. On the right two steps lead to a narrow niche in which a bath has coiled. One bathes there with the sight on the steeple.

▼卧室,更衣间通过白色拉帘分隔,bedroom, the dressing room is closed with white curteins

▼设有浴缸的壁龛,niche with bath tab

Program: Apartment refurbishment
Location: Bordeaux (France)
Built area: 49㎡
Completion: 2019
Team: A6A, Nicolas Laveau
Photo credits: Agnès Clotis

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