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Create a soothing experience combining beer and bathing

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捷克的啤酒spa已有很长时间的历史,而在比利时这个以啤酒文化著称的国家,啤酒spa的概念还未被引入。而现在,Bath & Barley成为比利时第一家啤酒spa馆,它位于布鲁塞尔,由WeWantMore事务所设计。从室内设计到品牌创建和命名,这家比利时工作室打造了完整的品牌体验。大多数捷克啤酒spa比起spa,更像是酒吧,它们氛围昏暗、设有红绿霓虹灯,这与WeWantMore想打造的舒缓健康体验不符。因此,WeWantMore没有主打啤酒品鉴,而是专注于营造放松和亲密的感觉,但不可否认的是,Bath & Barley的与众不同仍然在于:啤酒、沐浴和比利时的啤酒传统。

In the Czech Republic beer spas been around for quite a while. In Belgium – a nation known for its beer culture – the concept hadn’t found its way in yet. Until now, that is. Bath & Barley is Belgium’s very first beer spa. Location? Brussels. Design? By WeWantMore. The Belgian design studio created the complete brand experience, from the interior design down to its branding and naming. Most Czech beer spas are more beer than spa. Darkened, picturesque with a pub vibe. Green or red neon lights included. Not WeWantMore’s idea of a soothing wellness experience. So rather than playing the beer card, the studio focused on creating a sense of relaxation and intimacy, but with an undeniable link to what sets Bath & Barley apart: beer, bathing and Belgium’s infamous beer heritage.

▼项目概览,preview © WeWantMore


The façade immediately sets the tone. A curved copper installation doesn’t reveal much, yet just enough to get a glimpse of the spa entrance and shop. It’s inspired by the ancient copper kettles used to brew beer. Once inside, the arched shapes evoke a sense of intimacy and calm.

▼曲面铜制装置,curved copper installation © WeWantMore

▼店铺标识,logo © WeWantMore


Dried barley and hops are hanging from the ceiling. Their perfume adds a sensorial element to the spa experience, while the dangling branches soften up the warm lighting even more. The exposed walls, raw concrete and blue stone complete the earthy feel of the ground floor.

▼光线柔和的啤酒区,beer area with soft light © WeWantMore

▼悬垂的大麦和啤酒花,hanging barley and hops © WeWantMore


Located in the old city center of Brussels, the building itself housed a beautiful vaulted cellar. In that downstairs area, WeWantMore continuously worked with more traditional materials like copper, grain and stained glass to keep the association with Belgium’s medieval beer brewing culture alive.

▼spa区,spa area © WeWantMore

▼休息区,sitting area © WeWantMore

▼彩色玻璃,stained glass © WeWantMore

▼服务区,service area © WeWantMore

彩色玻璃屏风为客人提供私密性,绘有酿制啤酒修道士和牧师的教堂式插画呈现了Bath & Barley的故事。楼梯的金属围栏上有骑士、水壶和啤酒桶的图案,进一步强化了品牌故事。

The stained-glass screens offer spa guests some privacy, while the church-like illustrations depicting beer brewing monks and priests are yet another link to Bath & Barley’s story. The railing of the staircase only adds to it. You’ll recognise knights, kettles and beer barrels.

▼浴池细部,details of the bathtub © WeWantMore

▼金属围栏细部,details of the railing © WeWantMore

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