Bugye Arboretum ‘Sayuwon’ – Cheomdan and other attached facilities by IROJE Architects & Planners

An observatory and viewing pavilion that overlooks the whole Sayuwon arboretum

Project Specs


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Bugye Arboretum ‘Sayuwon’
Location: Bugye-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Site area: 130,695㎡

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Cheomdan (Astronomical Observatory) and other attached facilities


There are several attached facilities in this arboretum. The parking lot around the entrance, the benches along the strolling alleys and makeshift performance stages, as well as the ecological restrooms scattered over the place made of Corten steel, wood or concrete. They plays a big role in expressing the identity of the whole arboretum.

▼项目概览,general view © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼植物园的附属设施,the attached facilities in this arboretum © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼表演舞台,performance stage © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼景观细节,landscape details © IROJE Architects & Planners


Besides, two large water tanks supplying water to the entire site were asked to install in two places. One was built in the ground, and its upper surface was made to serve as a viewing platform to take a view of the quince orchard. The other was built on the hill top, and it may be used as another viewing pavilion to look over the east. This concrete structure has a staircase that rises up along the wall, and the structure was divided into several segments that look like a small fort. It also serves as an observatory to look at the stars engraved on the sky chart. This is why the name of this structure is called Cheomdan or astronomical observatory. The vicinity of this area forms a special landscape, matching the small doors of the astronomical observatory made of stone with the far-reaching meadow.

▼瞻坛鸟瞰,aerial view to Cheomdan © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼瞻坛可以作为天文台观察星图上的天体,Cheomdan also serves as an observatory to look at the stars engraved on the sky chart © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼混凝土体量,the concrete volume © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼楼梯沿着墙壁上升,the staircase rises up along the wall © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼草坪视野,view from the lawn © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼景观细节,landscape detail © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼冬景,winter scenery © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼场地平面图,site plan © IROJE Architects & Planners

▼立面图和剖面图,elevation and section © IROJE Architects & Planners

灯光设计:New Lite

Completed in 2019
Bldg. area: 35㎡
Structural engineer: The Naeun Structural Eng.
Electrical engineer: WooLim E&C
Lighting design: New Lite
Contractor: YoungJo Construction Co.

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