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合尔建筑上海办公室坐落于上海徐汇西岸,随着团队的发展和壮大,2019年5月对其办公空间进行了一次升级改造,为了给扩容后的空间赋予更多的利用方式,我们组织了一次内部的设计竞赛,并以民主投票的方式选出最佳实施方案。我们让年轻建筑师全程参与设计、选材,甚至亲自动手参与施工,角色在业主、设计、施工、督造之间不断切换,以此作为合尔建筑 “多元化全程设计”核心设计理念的自我实践。

Shanghai office of HILL ARCHITECTS is located in the West Bund of Xuhui District, Shanghai. With the development and growth of the team, the office space was upgraded in May 2019. In order to make more use of the expanded space, we organized an internal design competition and selected the best implementation plan by means of democratic vote. We allowed young architects to participate in the whole process of design and material selection and even personally participate in the construction. Their roles were constantly switching between the Owner, designers, construction personnel and supervisors, making this the self-practice of the core design concept of “Diversified Whole-Process Design” of HILL ARCHITECTS.

Overall view of the space ©朱克家



As an architectural design team, HILL ARCHITECTS strives to endow buildings with a specific theme through pure, reasonable and simple architectural vocabulary as well as diversified construction materials. For each project, we will explore the hidden theme, and embody the characteristics and value of the project through local design ideas and construction technology. At the same time, our team will continue to accept challenges and enjoy the design process.

In the space design of Shanghai office of HILL ARCHITECTS, we try to create a working space where architects can feel all kinds of construction materials anytime and anywhere through the organic combination of five main materials, including wood, stone, glass, metal and brick, so as to respond to the sense of social responsibility of every member of HILL ARCHITECTS to stick to the spirit of ingenuity and original intention.

Exploded axonometric ©合尔建筑


Entrance vestibule


The entrance vestibule takes the pine batten with a section of 55*55mm as the basic unit to construct the space. The pine battens are stacked repeatedly in two mutually perpendicular directions to form a layer upon layer screen facing the entrance. In this way, the wood theme of the vestibule space is defined by the pine screen.

Entrance LOGO wall ©朱克家

Entrance detail ©朱克家

Construction model of the wooden wall at the entrance ©合尔建筑


Tea room


Next to the vestibule, there is a tea room, where wood is used as the main element. The suspended ceiling made of pine battens with a section of 55*55 mm is originated from caisson in Chinese traditional wooden architectures. By this way, the tea room can deliver a more intensive, diversified sensation and experience to the person who walks in. Against the backdrop of the fair-faced concrete wall, the lightened pine batten suspended ceiling and a solid wood tea table directly below create a multi-complex space where people can gather together and communicate.

Tea room ©朱克家

Detail of the tea room ©朱克家

View to the working space from the tea room ©朱克家

Construction model of the tea room ©合尔建筑


Open office space


Pine, the main element in the office, is ubiquitous, from office furniture to sun-shading louvers that can be touched by the employees. This contrasts with cold gray cement floor tiles and black paint sprayed concrete ribbed floors in the office, creating a relaxed, free space of working and communication for employees.

Open office space ©朱克家


Brick and glass brick


We retain the original masonry and brick walls, with a view to preserving a memory of the past for the employees who lived therein. Light-permeable glass bricks that are wedged in brick walls allow tradition and modernity, roughness and elegance, non-transparency and transparency to complement each other, adding variation to the space.

Brick and glass brick ©朱克家




Every space we create shall have a unique theme, and the Shanghai office of HILL ARCHITECTS picks wood as its own. The office sees pine with an aggregated length of more than 684 m stacked in an industrialized space, upgrading and activating the space from point to area, and perfectly matching the bricks, stones and steel of industrial style. Such an elaborate design, coupled with strict control of details, is designed to deliver harmonious interpersonal relationship and symbiosis between man and environment.

Plan ©合尔建筑


Project name: Shanghai office of HILL ARCHITECTS
Project location: West Bund of Xuhui District, Shanghai
Project scale: 240m2
Year of design: 2019

Year of completion: 2019
Architects: Li Weitao, Yang Wen, Liu Qiong, and Tang Chunping
Construction team: Xie Chunhua
Architectural photographer: Zhu Kejia
Construction materials: pine, glass brick, and cement brick

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