West Carr & Harvey office design by STUDIOMINT Design Group

Open-plan environment compliments the modern work landscape while allowing for future growth

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该项目是为West Carr & Harvey公司在其成立70年之际打造的工作空间,旨在巩固其作为吉朗市历史最悠久的会计事务所的地位。

When West Carr & Harvey approached us, they had just turned 70, cementing themselves as the oldest accountancy in Geelong.

▼办公室外观,exterior view © Spacecraft

办公室位于建造于1915年的Federal Mills工业开发区,这里在一战时曾是制造羊毛制服的工厂,如今已经成为了多样化的空间,包含咖啡馆风格的员工活动室、户外烧烤花园、开放式办公区以及多功能中心等。

Housed in the 1915 Federal Mills industrial development – originally manufacturing woollen uniforms in WW1 – the office offers diverse spaces including a café-style staff room, gardened outdoor barbecue area, open-plan office and central utility hub.

▼入口立面,entrance facade © Spacecraft

▼户外烧烤花园,gardened outdoor barbecue area © Spacecraft


The client took a big leap by transitioning to an open-plan working environment – unusual for accountants. This open-plan environment compliments the modern work landscape while allowing for future growth. Most staff work in the open office, with directors based in the surrounding offices. To incorporate the client’s value of ‘transparency’, these offices use glass partitions which remove the hard border between staff, while reducing noise.

▼大堂和接待区域,lobby & reception © Spacecraft

▼办公区域走廊,office corridor © Spacecraft

▼空间中使用了绿植和天然木制大门等能够体现生态设计的元素 © Spacecraft
biophilic design elements were incorporated into the space through built-in desk planters and inclusion of natural wood


A number of existing features and items in the old mill were repurposed or highlighted to tie the building’s history into the firm’s contemporary operation.The floor itself throughout the space is the original slab used by the factory, simply re-finished and polished.

▼休息区,seating area © Spacecraft

▼餐厅,cafe © Spacecraft

开放式办公区的墙壁上装饰着一幅吉朗港的鸟瞰图,表达了West Carr & Harvey对其赖以生存和发展的地区的敬意和感激之情。

Artwork on the wall along the open office shows a bird’s eye view of Port Geelong – an homage to the area in which West Carr & Harvey has been allowed to grow and flourish.

▼开放式办公区细节,open office detailed view © Spacecraft

既有的砖墙被打扫干净,成为新办公室中的一道独特元素。旧羊毛厂的谷仓式大门也被维护得很好,并被重新整合至员工活动区的入口。 以上这些做法既尊重了现有的建筑遗产,又减少了更新产生的碳足迹。充足的自然光还可以减少办公室对电气照明的依赖,从而降低空间的能源需求。

Existing brickwork was cleaned up and used as feature walling in the fitout. The wool mill’s old barn door, well maintained despite showing its history, was repurposed and included as the entrance to the staff room. We were able to both honour the building’s heritage and reduce the carbon footprint of the design. The energy needs of the space have also been reduced thanks to ample natural light that reduces reliance on electrical lighting.

▼保留的旧砖墙,the brick walling © Spacecraft

Project size: 1130 ㎡
Completion date: 2019

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