“As a gentleman with Hippie spirits” interior design by Wei Yi International Design Associates

To reveal the owner’s thoughts and emotions as a collector

Project Specs


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What would the image of home be? Some are expressed with concrete pattern, while others are described as an distinct story of feeling. Just under the hill of Da-tun Mt. in Bei-tou, Taipei, there is a gentleman with hippie spirit living there and he displays his space with various collections of fine art which reveal his thoughts and emotions.

▼项目概览,project overview


As a veteran collector of fine arts, he collects from sculptures of Tai-Ji by Ju Ming to the azure stone art work by Heinrich Wang. These collections reveal the elegance inside the owner. These various collections contain the rich beauty of oriental culture as well as reflects the inner thought of the possessor. It brings the space the unique French style with grace in an unformal form as well as the softness out of the rigorous atmosphere.

▼艺术作品体现出收藏者内心的意境,the collections in the residence reveal the elegance inside the owner


The beam which was the original main structure centered in the space. Instead of hiding the beam by placing another ceiling to cover it, the designer created a slanting roof structure expending from the beam to both side, thus it comes out a distinct space like a cottage inside a box.

▼原结构中的梁位被转化为盒中屋,the original beam is used to create a distinct space like a cottage inside a box


Rather than white, grey or black, in this project, light grey is precisely used as the main color to bring the quietness into the space. The intermediate signature of the color also presents the doctrine of the resident. Among the light grey space, there are few details adopted into the space. The plinth is made by flamed and brushed stone in light grey color. While deep and thin groove is placed between the plinth and the upper wall, it outlines the clean structure in the space. The light grey paint combined with fabrics and stones reveals the delicate atmosphere. All of the tranquility from the concrete in the study room, the brass details and hand-painted grey paint in the display area give the viewer rich tranquility from the space and visual variation.

▼从客厅望向书房,view to the study room from the living room

▼书房内部,study room



Behind the restrict attitude of a mature, there is actually the innocence heart. It is the curiosity and passion to life which is just the definition of the space, fun, interest, creativity, and enthusiasm. In the living room, the various function and flexibility of the furniture allows any possibility in any occasion in resident’s life.

▼家具的多样变化,the flexible setting of the furniture


▼斜式顶蓬轴线的延伸串连了起居及饮食空间,the slanting roof connect the living and dining area

The geometrical variation breaks the limitation from different spaces. The slanting roof connect the living and dining area. In addition to the light grey color and clean outlines, the kitchen cabinets in grey blue color along with brass ceiling lamp brings the varied atmosphere into it. Like hippies, aspire to self-discipline freedom, life their own way without caring about others eye.

▼灰蓝橱柜围绕着餐厨空间,the dining room and kitchen is surrounded by the built-in grey blue cabinet

▼餐厅细部,detailed view


Walking through the elegant corridor with light grey wall paper, it is the master bedroom. Without too much decoration, the designer keep the room a limpid space, which allows the resident relaxing in the natural light. The limpidity is the factor that a room should be which makes people uncaged from daily busy. By using the serpentine stones in the bathroom, the black color plays the main factor as well as gives the trendy style into the space. The flamed and brushed serpentine stone covered with white vein gives beautiful variety in the space.

▼主卧空间,master bedroom

▼慵懒撒入室内的阳光,relax in the natural light



What should the image of home be? There is no standard answer. In this project, the internalized living attitude of a gentleman and the externalized spirits as a hippies work together to create the heart of this residence.


▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼家具布置示意,furniture layouts

设计时间: 2015.02-2015.04
空间大小:200 平方米
摄影师: 陈心鼎

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