Apple Store, Sanlitun, Beijing by Foster + Partners

Reimagined Apple Sanlitun opens as new social focus in Beijing

Project Specs


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Sanlitun is a vibrant urban quarter in Beijing, home to Apple’s first store in China built in 2008. Relocating to a more prominent site adjacent to the previous, Apple Sanlitun seeks to create a new dialogue with the surrounding pedestrian streets, addressing the large open square that is a social focus for the district.

▼从公共广场看项目,overall of the project from the large open square © Chaoying Yang 

该项目是Apple团队与Foster + Partners的工程与设计团队紧密合作的成果。Foster + Partners工作室主管Stefan Behling表示:“Apple北京三里屯店的宗旨是,在视觉,实体与意向上开放且具有吸引力。 这家店是连接内部空间与外部环境的绝佳场所。”

The design is the result of a close collaboration between Apple’s teams and the integrated engineering and design teams at Foster + Partners. Stefan Behling, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners said: “Apple Sanlitun is all about being open and inviting – visually, physically and metaphorically. The store is a grand place that connects the inside and the outside.”

▼Apple北京三里屯店的宗旨是,在视觉,实体与意向上开放且具有吸引力,Apple Sanlitun is all about being open and inviting – visually, physically and metaphorically © Chaoying Yang

为了迎合三里屯充满活力的地区氛围,项目采用了四面通透的建筑结构,并设置了多重交通流线网络。面向中央广场的大面积玻璃幕墙,为建筑内部提供了充足的自然采光。商店两侧的大型石阶直接通向上层的“Genius Grove天才园”。在周围绿植的掩映下,阳光穿过建筑后部的玻璃幕墙进入室内,柔化了内部与外部的边界。“The Forum“互动坊位于二层,为整个空间添加了一个生动的背景,并与柔软皮质座椅一起形成了一个可以俯瞰广场的观景画廊。

Drawing on the vibrant energy of the area, Apple Sanlitun has a porous building envelope that opens out onto all four sides and connects to the multi-layered circulation network. The principal glazed façade facing the central square floods the display areas inside with natural light. Two monumental stone staircases on either side of the store lead up to the Genius Grove on the upper level. Lined with trees that add greenery to the perimeter, the glazed façade to the rear allows light into the space and dematerializes the boundary between the inside and the outside. The Forum, situated within the grand upper level, forms an animated backdrop to the space, which steps down with integrated upholstered leather seating forming a viewing gallery for the lively square outside.

▼位于二层“The Forum“互动坊后部的外廊,exterior corridor at the back side of the Forum on the upper level © Chaoying Yang


The store is protected by a large overhanging roof providing shelter from the heavy rain and intense summer sun. 390 square-meters of integrated rooftop photovoltaic panels partially offset the energy consumption of the store and a bespoke integrated ceiling system seamlessly houses ventilation, cooling, fire protection equipment and lighting equipment. Additional energy saving measures include advanced façade design, optimized air conditioning and efficient lighting systems.

▼悬挑屋顶下的室外巨型石阶,huge outdoor stone staircase under the overhanging roof © Chaoying Yang


Apple Sanlitun also features a unique structural system that has been used for the first time in China – a Special Truss Moment Frame is designed to effectively resist seismic forces, while allowing large column- free interior spaces. Tuned mass dampers reduce excessive vibration in the cantilevered upper level and Buckling Restrained Braced Frames minimize the structural impact on the existing basement.

▼室内楼梯,interior staircase © Chaoying Yang

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