Lijia Smart Park, China by Chongqing Architectural Design Institute

Returning the urban space back to the Nature

Project Specs


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We repaired the landscape from a natural perspective with natural elements, such as forest, turf mound, flowers, and water system. To connect each landscape node with the intelligence space, such as the Floral path, the Mountain walkway and the cloud bridge. It established the multi-element interpenetrating interconnection  among different elements, and returning the urban space back to the Nature.

▼公园入口鸟瞰,Park entrance aerial view ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影


Project background


2019, Smart China Expo was held in Chongqing. The renovation of Baiyun Mountain Park consisted in improving the entire environment for outdoor activity function area in Lijia Intelligent Park.

▼改造前的白云山公园,Before renovation

▼礼嘉智慧公园概览,Park overview ©重庆市设计院


“云尚花林-多重复合” 打造市民广场
‘Floral paradise – Multiple compound’ to create public space


At the south entrance square, the elasticity of space and the exhibition demand of the Smart China Expo is fully taken into the design. To create a ‘gravitational field’ to attracting people, the square center is using blank space as an attractive area for accommodating all kinds of activities.

▼南入口广场,The south entrance square ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼不锈钢冲孔板孔径渐变形式,Stainless steel plate with graded aperture ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼作为各种事件发生的“引力场”,场地的参与感来不同时段也有不同表现 ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影
As the gravitational field, people will experience different involvement during different time period


The landscape tour guide

▼主园路,The main route ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼智慧雾喷步道,The mist spray walkway ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影


5G Museum, Art Museum–Improving the experiences with landscape and trendy activities


The park landscape is renovated based on the original environment and upgraded with the construction of the 5G Museum and the Art Museum. It optimized the site functions, incorporated natural texture, and accomplished natural repair and site improvement.

▼鸟瞰,Ariel view ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼5G馆广场,5G Museum Plaza ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼无人车停车场,The Intelligent Parking Area ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼湖光山色环绕的艺趣馆,The Art Museum ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼修复后的湿地,The renovated wetland ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼5G馆广场夜间鸟瞰,5G Museum Plaza by night ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影


Cloud bridge – Penetrate the natural environment


Taking the existing tree survey by passing through the woods, we found the perfect landing spot for the bridge piers and body. It maintains the balance between the walking system and the natural woods, also provided a comfortable walking environment for pedestrians. Through repeated experiment and adjustment, the Cloud bridge is designed to blend naturally into the woods, and it connected the two significant nodes — the Genting market and the Mountaintop viewing platform in perfect union.

▼云桥生成过程,The design process of Cloud bridge ©重庆市设计院

▼云桥全长约400米,栈道标准宽度2.4米,局部拓宽,最大宽度不大于3.5米,最大坡度5.02% ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影
The full length of Cloud bridge is about 400 meters. The standard width of the trestle road is 2.4 meters, which is partially widened. The maximum width is no more than 3.5 meters, and the maximum slope is 5.02%

▼人们在云桥上,或行走、或停留,形成林间、林端等多维度的空间体验,城市和人的行为又重新融入进自然 ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影
The Cloud bridge provided the multidimensional forest experiences. While people walking and lingering on the Cloud bridge, the architecture, human beings and the nature are in perfect harmony

▼夜景效果,Night view of the Cloud bridge ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼桥体建构安装过程,The installation process of the Cloud bridge ©三棱镜建筑空间摄影

▼桥体建构细节图,Bridge construction plan ©重庆市设计院


Project location: Lijia Liangjiang District, Chongqing
Landscape area: YUNSHANGHUALIN southern area 81,973 sq.m. Clould bridge length: 400m
Project year: April, 2019Completion: August, 2019
Designed by: Chongqing Architectural Design Institute P.R. China
Landscape design mentor: Yang Liu
Design team: Qian Cai, Jing Yun, Yifan Shao, Hao Zhang, Rui He, Xuehao Zhang, Jing Zhao, Aiqing Ren, Weiwei Chen, Yuxue Wen, Xin Zheng, Zhijie Long
Structural design team: Shengda Wu, Yong Li
Photographs:Prism Images
Text (Chinese):Xuehao Zhang
Translation (EN):Yuting Huang

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