Aoma Coffee by Shimpei Oda Architect Office + Atelier Loowe Inc.

A small hub that connects people, workers, the city and offices

Project Specs


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Aoma咖啡店坐落于大阪市最受欢迎的办公区之一,由小田真平建筑设计事务所与 Atelier Loowe Inc. 联合打造。咖啡店位于一楼,立面设有单管脚手架与金属线网。该店所在的建筑面向一条繁华的街道以及一个小型公共吸烟区。每到周末,人们都乐于汇聚到此处。

Interior design for the coffee shop Aoma. The site is located in one of Osaka´s most popular office districts. The shop can be found on the first floor of a building, with a single-pipe scaffolding and mesh façade. The building faces to a busy street and a small public smoking area. On weekdays, there is many people and “small crowds” always gather throughout the day.

▼项目概览- 咖啡店位于一楼,立面设有单管脚手架与金属线网,overview – the shop on the first floor with a single-pipe scaffolding and mesh façade ©Norihito Yamauchi


The place in the existing building for the coffee shop, was a variable space that could be connected to the front road if all doors were opened, it felt like it was transforming into an external space. In office areas, like this, where diverse personalities work, it is possible to gather these people into “small crowds” by placing small kiosk-like coffee stands on roads and in parks. I wondered if maybe the “small crowd” generated by this coffee shop could merge with the “small crowd” on the street and form a “big crowd”.  Therefore, I placed the coffee stand with a setback from the existing doors to create an open and unhindered connection to the front road.

▼吧台后退至门后,在咖啡店与街道间创造了一个开放的空间,coffee stand with a setback from the existing doors to create an open space ©Norihito Yamauchi


The coffee stand consists of a mortar-polished counter and a slightly glossy ceiling surface. With the image of creating an illuminated canopy above the stand, I installed several light bulbs on the lowered ceiling surface to create a characteristic lighting.

▼吧台上方降低的天花板与灯泡营造出具有特色的照明氛围 ©Norihito Yamauchi
lowered ceilings and light bulbs above the bar create a distinctive lighting atmosphere

▼室内概览,overall of the project interior ©Norihito Yamauchi


During construction, the old vinyl wallpaper was removed from the walls and ceilings, reviling the history of previous remodeling’s and the building, tiles on the walls that had been painted over and the outer wall texture extending to the interior, all reminiscent of the various surroundings of the site and area.

▼裸露墙面上留下的独一无二的历史痕迹,old unique finishes of the exposed walls  ©Norihito Yamauchi


The old unique finishes of the exposed walls and lighting, constitute a façade like boundary around the coffee stand. Making it reminiscent of a kiosk set up in an outside space. I hope that this coffee stand will be a place to rest and become a small hub that connects people, workers, the city and offices.

▼灯具与洁具细部,details of the light and the faucet ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼项目夜景,night view of the project ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼平面图,plan © Shimpei Oda Architect Office & Atelier Loowe Inc.

Project name: Aoma Coffee
Architect’ Firm: Shimpei Oda Architect Office & Atelier Loowe Inc.
Website: /
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Shimpei Oda & Yoshifumi Van
Project location: Kyutaromachi Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Completion Year: 2020.07
Gross Built Area: 45.31 m2
Lighting designer: Takahiro Muranishi
Graphic designer: YOKU
Photo credits: Norihito Yamauchi
Builder: Atelier Loowe Inc. & Otsui-Shoten
Brands / Products
1. New Light Pottery ( Lighting Equipment
2. Daiko ( Lighting Equipment
3. KAKUDAI MFG. Co., Ltd ( Faucet

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