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dongqi Architects renovated the concept store of ANZHI to promote its brand identity. The store is located on the top floor of an industrial warehouse at M50 Creative Park of Shanghai. It is designed to showcase the Buddhist shrines and related souvenirs, and to enclose the interactive art installation – “Space” , by the artist Lin Wanshan. Therefore, the space functions both as a retail exhibition space and a place to settle the spirit.

▼项目概览:熵场展示佛龛及其周边产品,project overview: a store designed to showcase the Buddhist shrines and related souvenirs

空间的概念源自一个微微偏离原有空间平面几何中心的圆心,从此放射出一组同心圆,像波。通过精心布置,空间中的两根原有钢结构立柱位于这组同心圆中的一个圆上,两者之间的圆弧形成一堵半透明隔断,划分了不同尺度类型佛龛的陈列空间。 同时空间中原有的一段数节弧形台阶被保留下来,在平面上与新形成的同心圆相遇,仿佛新旧两组波在空间传播中在此相撞。


The store’s architectural concept starts from the center of a circle, which is slightly deviates from the true geometric center of the building space. From the center, rings of concentric circles rise the one out of the other, propagating themselves like waves. After intricate calculation by dongqi Architects, the original two steel pillars of the industrial building are aligned at one ring of the circles. The arch between the pillar becomes a semi-transparent wall that divides the space into different sizes of spaces for shrine exhibition. Several parts of the old arch stairs are deliberately preserved by dongqi, as they bounce into the newly generated centric circles, presenting the collision of the new and the old.

▼虚拟佛龛位于圆心,the virtual Buddhist shrine is located at the center


The virtual Buddhist shrine is located at the center. Before reaching the interior center, customers need to take a walk through a circular labyrinth. Along their way, several Buddhist shrines are waiting for their close-up observation, during which, they could see through multiple layers of semi-transparent boards, and meet the eye-catching virtual shrine at the center. By the end of their journey, customers will stand in front of the virtual Buddhist shrine and begin their interaction with the artwork.

▼参观流线由外圈逐层进入内部,customers need to take a walk through a circular labyrinth

▼透过半透明的隔断可以一直看到位于圆心的虚拟佛龛,the multiple layers of semi-transparent boards provide a constant view to the virtual shrine at the center


The original building is of typical industrial style. dongqi utilizes its unique floor height and builds a set of circular steel tracks, which rise along with the angled roof. Such structure creates a new arch space out of the original space. Moreover, all surface of the original space was painted black so that the outside boundary is blurred.

▼圆形钢结构轨道,circular steel tracks

▼屋顶局部,ceiling partial view


What’s more, customers will encounter with acrylic boards of different sizes. Hanging from steel tracks above, acrylic boards has surfaces composed of one-way mirrors. Acrylic boards inside will tilt further towards the center than those outside to show reflective effects at different angles. Moreover, steel tracks descending from the building roof has another role — holding spotlights.

▼轨道上悬挂着表面贴有单项透视膜的弧形亚克力板, a series of acrylic boards in different sizes are hanging from the tracks


The light and shadow of the virtual digital Buddhist shrine reflect and refract the acrylic boards. As a result, the virtual Buddhist and illuminated shrines seem to appear at different locations from observations. When looking back, customers will see the reflection of themselves and the lit-up shrines behind them. As they move with changing lights, their perspectives shift between surroundings and reflected images as if the boundary of the virtual and the reality is blurred.

▼虚与实的界限不断模糊,the boundary of the virtual and the reality is blurred

▼整体视角,overall view



▼结构细部,structural detail

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018
建筑面积:约202 ㎡

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