Accentuate Oriental spatial emotions and philosophy via Western design logic

Project Specs


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ANBONG HOME is a showroom for Italian paint brand TULLIO, situated within a building materials mall in Shantou, China. It’s next to the secondary entrance of the mall. The design of its surrounding stores features many common elements such as signboard, stainless steel, marble and glass, and shows an old-fashioned style and strong commercial atmosphere.

▼室内空间概览,overall of the project © 欧阳云


Before the launch of the project, the client was hesitating about renting the site, which is a shop space shared by two tenants. The half space available for the client is at the more inner area, which offers poor visibility. This posed a great challenge to the design – that’s why the client wavered over whether to rent the space or not. For the design team, the challenge was to figure out how to break the restrictions of the original space and attract customers.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © 艾克建筑设计


Relationship with the surrounding environment


To tackle with the unfavorable position, the client communicated with the other tenant, who finally gave in and leaved an area, which opens up the view to the inner showroom. AD ARCHITECTURE adopted pink structures in this area, to produce strong visual effects and attract sight lines of customers. As conceiving ANBONG HOME, the designers tried to break with conventions and create the unexpected.

▼店面入口,entrance of the project © 欧阳云


The transformation of the ceiling was based on full consideration of structures and pipelines. In this way, the design team produced a high ceiling, which makes the space appears lofty. The curved metal net hanging in the air and the stretch ceiling above together enrich the relationship between light and space, and evoke visitors’ curiosity and desire to explore it.

▼入口垂钓的弧形金属网, the curved metal net hanging in the air © 欧阳云

▼金属网装置扭转了原本极度恶劣的空间感, the curved metal net makes the space appears lofty © 欧阳云

▼仰视天花上的金属网,Look up at the metal mesh on the ceiling © 欧阳云


The main challenge of spatial transformation was how to break the limitations of the site, eliminate the oppressive feeling and create a breathing space. Based on the linear plane of the space, the design team divided the front part into two sections, in order to create an introverted space that gradually opens up the view and expands towards the inside.

▼内向型的空间 – 展示区,an introverted space – exhibition room © 欧阳云


Customers enter the mall through the main entrance and walk out via the secondary entrance, which is close to the project site. After they passed through plenty of old-fashioned stores, they will encounter with ANBONG HOME, which is a big surprise. It feels like that someone suddenly meets an endless and exciting prairie after a long journey in the city. The showroom offers a unique aesthetic, looking like an art gallery. The spatial design highlights the artistry and quality of the space, while also accentuating the close fusion of materials and space.

▼如美术馆般的展厅,a unique aesthetic, looking like an art gallery © 欧阳云


The reception and cashier desk is a bold attempt, which responds to the changing ways of payment in commercial field. The space was made simplistic and free of adornment, in order to encourage visitors to feel materiality, lighting and the space itself. The only furniture at the reception area showcases the contrast between concrete and aluminum-like paint finish, and highlights flexible, diverse material textures.

▼由大厅看接待台,viewing the cashier desk from the lobby © 欧阳云

▼空间/材料与灯光展示出材料本身的灵活性,materiality, lighting and the space highlights flexible, diverse material textures © 欧阳云


The space is a container, and the design team tried to explore the expressions of handmade paint products. Customers are encouraged to feel the space and the charm that products exude in it, and then to read the products in detail. The space features an expansive and bright feeling, natural textures and light. The designers emphasized the interaction between space and people, greatly changed the original spatial structures, coordinated materials, structures and colors, and created new fluidity between architecture and space.

▼自然的光给空间最真实的反馈,The space features an expansive and bright feeling, natural textures and light © 欧阳云


Geometric shapes in the space are elegant, simple and touchable, creating a floating and free ambience. Through this project, AD ARCHITECTURE attempted to accentuate Oriental spatial emotions and philosophy via Western design logic.

▼材料与空间细部,details of space and material © 欧阳云

▼墙面与灯光细部,details of light and walls © 欧阳云

▼区位图,location plan © 艾克建筑设计

▼平面图,plan © 艾克建筑设计

▼剖面图,section © 艾克建筑设计

项目名称:ANBONG HOME 涂料展厅
业主:Mauro Malfatti
设计机构:AD ARCHITECTURE∣艾克建筑设计(

建筑面积:200 m2

Project name: ANBONG HOME
Client: Mauro Malfatti
Design firm: AD ARCHITECTURE (
Chief designer: Xie Peihe
Location: Shantou, Guangdong, China
Area: 200 m2
Main materials: handmade paint, micro-cement, metal mesh, concrete, membrane
Start time: July 2020
Completion time: November 2020
Photography: Ouyang Yun

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